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How Diwan Sets Accentuates Your Living Area Decor?

Jul 13th 2015 at 4:47 AM

Diwan sets are no more traditional as they have got contemporary dressings for them. So, all the owners of a royal sitting can finally freshen up its style. From stripes, floral, geometric patterns to abstracts, there is so much more flaunt. But before that, get the facts about diwans right.

Bed frame VS Diwan bed set-

There is a mess of confusion between the Diwan and bed frames for so many different reasons:

Bed frames grabs the attention because of their decorative appeal, whereas Diwan makes necessary arrangements because of their drawers, sprung base to take up less space.

Comparison of Diwan sets and bed frames:

· Spring bases offer an extra support that helps to increase the life span of the mattress. Bed frames offer true focal point in a room’s interior styling.

· The storage options are incorporated into the base. Bed frames are not good for the storage of the mattress or the sprung base.

· Takes less space than bed frames. This is the advantage of positioning the bed between fitted wardrobes.

· Change the frame or the whole look of the room. Both can lasts for long years.

· The mattress is only suitable for a Diwan base. Whereas bed frames gives a large number of options to mix and match pretty much any mattress.

· Bed frames are made available in different heights and sizes or styles, materials and colors. The sets change the whole look of a room at a much lower cost than changing a frame.

Disadvantages of bed frames:

· The mattress is not suitable for slatted bases.

· They may not be as good for the mattress as a sprung base.

· Takes much space due to side rails, posts, foot ends and head ends.

Choose that provides one with the correct support and comfort. Here are some tips:

· Don’t just buy because you find that it’s good for your back.

· Depending upon the weight and the buildup that bring up the supportive and comfortable key.

· Look for the supportive rather than hard bed. Firmness is determined by comfort, price, luxury and durability.

· Think about the height to look into different options for variable position.

Diwan may look similar but they are quite different keeping the original as the base. Types of spring systems:

Open coil:

· Springs that are arranged in rows top and bottom by a spiral helical wire to strengthen the perimeter.

· Typically around 325 coils

· Change the feel, firmness and the weight distribution of each mattress.

Pocket springs:

· Luxurious, small individual fabric pockets to function independently of one another.

· Offers true independent support

· Very little transfer of the amount of size difference

· Spring count can give more independent support.

· Isn’t everything that made variations in the quality and quantity of fillings equally

People are being unaware as to how this traditional furniture affects the living area. The entire home decor gets a new look providing proper support and comfort to cope up with the original base. It’s a noted fact that every year up to 40% of the population that suffers a stint of back pain and if you are one of the unlucky ones, then here are the choice to go with the best choices ever.

Diwan sets online gives a more comfortable and attractive look. Homedrape develop your interiors in the most stylish manner with the traditional furnishing sets. They have soft and smooth texture quality that offers comfort from every position.


Article Source:- http://goo.gl/bxN3Ap

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