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how and when to replace your t-cell-15

May 11th 2015 at 1:27 AM

This is how and when to replace your Hayward Aqua Rite Turbo Cell T-15, T-9, T-3. It is pretty simple to do but you may need to recalibrate the new cell. It will also re calibrate itself after a couple of hours. I also cover when to replace the cell and will show you how to recalibrate the unit.

Basically if the salt cell is over five years old or near that age you will start to notice some common problems. The most obvious is that the inspect cell light will stay on solid even after the cell is clean. You will also get a low salt level reading even when the salt level is fine.

It is a good idea to get a reading at your local store or with a salt test strip if you think the unit is failing. You may also have problems with low voltage and low amps when the salt cell is generating. This unit had a failed temp sensor inside and needed to be replaced as that is not a repairable part.

It is always best to go with the largest salt cell -- the T-CELL-15 is rated for 40,000 gallons even if your pool is much smaller. The cell will not have to work as hard and will last longer. Water temperature and the amount of time the system is running also effect cell life. If you don't clean your cell regularly you will also shorten its life.

The power unit can also be bad but I haven't noticed any problems with the power unit itself on any of the five Aqua Rite units I service and a couple are over 10 years old or older. They seem pretty durable and trouble free. But just in case you suspect your cell is good and the power unit is bad --try to get a loaner cell from your local pool store or take your cell in to get tested.

This is basically a very simple to do and you should encounter no real problems. If you need to talk to tech support call 866-429-7665 and you want the Goldline Division of Hayward.

When you hit the diagnostic button here is what you will scroll through:
Salt Level (default display)
Water Temp
Salt Output
Software Version

I show you how to recalibrate the unit in the video:
Turn it off
Then to Auto
Hit Diagnostic button five times
The numbers will scroll around wildly
Wait for the numbers to stabilize
Switch it to Super Chlorinate
Then back to Auto

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