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How About Mezcal Tequila Shot?

Nov 4th 2015 at 11:56 PM



We are all familiar with the word tequila. It is an alcoholic drink which people consume. It is a famous drink which originated in Mexico and has found a special place worldwide. People across the globe enjoy the drink in their own style and diluted form. Some like it neat too. It causes an intoxicating effect on the consumer.

Mezcal, on the other hand is a distilled alcoholic drink which is prepared from the maguey plant or agave plant. This plant is easily found in Mexico and hence the drink traditionally belongs to Mexico.

Mescal is not as popular as its counterpart, tequila. But still the drink is popular in Mexico and locals residing there like to drink it without diluting. It has a strong smoky taste. Tequila is more popular all over the world. Both are produced in Mexico and exported to other countries. El Mezcal is exported to the cities in the USA and Japan.

Tequila is produced from the blue agave plant and s found easily in Mexico. Tequila is a kind of Mezcal but more reformed and widely used. It has found prominent place in the plush menu cards of the bars and is heavily consumed by liquor lovers. People like the taste of the drink and the after effect it leaves with consumer. It is mixed with many cocktails to create recipes of beverages.

While both the drinks are similar in many ways, yet we can outline few pointers of difference between the two:

  • Tequila is produced in limited places of Mexico while Mezcal is produced in most parts of Mexico.
  • Tequila is produced from the blue agave plant only. But Mezcal can be made from different forms of the agave plant along with the blue agave. This makes Mezcal very popular in Mexico. Tequila is still more popular worldwide.
  • The making of tequila is more advanced than Mezcal which is more traditional and the juice id almost directly bottled.
  • Mescal is found with worms in the bottle. But it looks gross. One should avoid the drink with the worm. But tequila is produced minus the worm and hence appears more sophisticated. It is a gimmick used by producer to uplift sales of Mezcal.

These are few points which make the drink different from each other. Tequila is often found blended with other elements and sold in the market. Some people like tequila the flavored way. So they can make their pick from the shelf. The drink has found a prominent place in many posh parties and people like to have the drink in shot glasses. They have their own style of drinking the beverage. To each his own!

The point here is that Mezcal and tequila are most loved drinks in Mexico. Tequila is in fact loved by the people who consume alcohol and has found its place in the bar menus as a top selling drink. The drink comes from the plant commonly found in Mexico. But the exports across the globe have made the drinks famous.

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