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GT Bulmer | GTBulmer
─► Open Your Own Fully Stocked Online Store Instantly (blog post) ─►
1 year ago

Hey, Bargain Hunters! Join My E-Commerce Community

Jul 8th 2013 at 9:45 PM

GT Bulmer | E-Commerce Shopping GT Bulmer © Home Business Resources

Perhaps the biggest winners on the World Wide Web are bargain hunters who, with a few easy keystrokes, can find virtually anything they want and at a price they are willing to pay.

Who doesn’t appreciate the convenience and comfort of shopping online, even if it is only to do price comparisons?

We all have our favourite places to go on the Internet to look for interesting items, or to research or purchase things we don’t feel like travelling to a store to buy. Personally, even if I don’t plan to buy the thing online, I find myself more and more turning to the Net for info before making the trip to the store.

Then there are things you just can’t find locally or might not be able to find offline, period. Like certain kinds of home business resources. The Internet is your only choice.

I am a member of the e-commerce shopping site. This is an e-commerce community that you really should join if you are not already a member (we currently have more than 1.6 million members!) There is no cost or obligation to become a member and there are never any purchase requirements.

TripleClicks currently lists more than 91,000 products and services and the listings continue to increase every day. In a moment, I will share with you a few notable features of the site, but first, let me mention that we have nearly 30 separate categories that cover an incredible array of items. TripleClicks has everything from Antiques and Collectables, to Electronics, Real Estate, Toys, Travel and everything in between!

Here is an overview of some of the featured sections of the site:

~ Deals: Here you will find the Deal of the Day, a selection of Hot Deals, a selection of Closeout items, and a search field to find local listings within a 500 mile radius of where you live.

~ Products: This is the category page where you can begin looking for the items you want. In addition to the category listings and the Hot Deals and Closeouts features, this page also highlights a selection of specially featured products.

~ Pricebenders Auction Center: We have a very popular penny auction site! Yes, you can pick up some awesome items for a percentage of what you might normally pay. But be forewarned: the bidding sometimes gets crazy for some items! Plan your strategy before you begin.

~ TripleClicks Music Contest: Every month, independent artists worldwide compete for the best song of the month. If you are an artist, enter your song in the competition! Or, listen to the posted songs and help us choose this month’s winner!

~ Games: Visit the site to learn how to win free site credits in the hourly T-Time draws; join the WAVE to get free credits and rewards points monthly; learn how you can WIN free auction bidding credits through the Pick the Price contest.

~ Member Rewards: When you make purchases, you earn Member Rewards Points (MRP). You can use your MRP to purchase other items from the TripleClicks e-commerce store. You can also use your accumulated MRP to buy selected Member Rewards items at exclusive MRP prices.

Well, that has been a quick tour of My few words here do not give the site its due justice. Please take a few minutes to visit TripleClicks and click through each of the tabs highlighted above.

TripleClicks truly is a bargain hunter’s paradise. Please join me in this e-commerce community – it’s free and there is never any obligation.

Bargain hunter's Paradise

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Oct 10th 2013 at 6:01 AM by marty
Thanks for sharing this useful information.

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