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Have the Art and Power of a Katana Sword to Order Online

Nov 28th 2015 at 3:12 AM

To bring karmic order to the home and exhibit strength for peace, order the Katana sword online. The aura of strength and valour emanates from this piece of historical weaponry. Paying homage to the great shoguns and having a piece of real art and defence together mimics its two layer construction. The process of making the steel of the Samurai sword has survived through the ages from ancient times till today.

The Katana sword is made in this same way. Welding two cores of steel together, the soft inner core, called shingane is low carbon steel that is just the right temper to allow for the all important flexibility. The reason a sword will last through many battles is that it is flexible and yet so strong that its edge can be sharpened to the finest width so that cutting a blade of grass into two is possible.

The outer core of the sword is made of hard core, kawagane, high carbon steel which forms a jacket layer that wraps around the inner shingane core. The forge where the blacksmiths pound the steel is a furnace that extends up from the clay floor. It is heated with a particular type of charcoal at specific temperatures. The air is moved about the process at just a certain level which is crucial to the proper forging of the steel that sits in the heated coals stoked by the air movement. The hammering process is done on an anvil just next to the forge but using a hydraulic air hammer. In the days of yore, there were two blacksmiths who took turns hammering the red hot steel as blacksmiths still do in blacksmith art.

Back in the ancient days of the Samurai Sword smith, he would be much like the Indian Brahmin that would purify by taking a bath and reciting prayers before touching the deity. The sword smith would purify himself and then pray at the foot of the Shinto Temple that was at the blacksmith's forge. This would insure that the weapon he produced would be divine. This was an effort to please the deity as well. The same traditions existed in other parts of Asia as can be learned from the Maha Bharata where Arjuna, the world's greatest archer, acquired divine weapons to fight the holy battle of Kurukshetra. He was known to carry his Gandiva bow everywhere, a magnificently divine weapon.

In this time of chaos and disorder, adding some divine weapons to the mantle for blessings, peace and strength would bode well for the warrior at heart who must defend his home and country. The processing and handling is available for shipping to most countries from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Asia, the Middle East, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Europe, Africa and more. There is no problem with customs for these countries. Tracking information will be provided in an email confirmation soon after the order is made. Tracking the order will be available eight hours after receipt of the tracking number. Christmas is coming which will make this for a great gift to Order a Katana sword online.

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