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Golf Carts And Cart Batteries

Dec 9th 2015 at 1:50 AM

In playing golf, it is very unusual to find a very short or small course or area. A usual golf course has an area ranging from 30 hectares or 74 acres to 60 hectares or 150 acres. Now imagine walking all that. It would just be too tiresome that by the time you arrive at your destination you’re already beat and too tired to play. Hence, the golf cart was invented. Now why are golf carts beneficial?

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Benefit of a Golf Cart

A golf cart is basically a vehicle used to convey equipment and carry loads. Today, golf carts are used to the carry the varied golf clubs of the golfer along with other stuffs. It also makes the journey around the course easier and less tiresome for the player.

Accessorizing the Golf Cart

Golf carts are part of a daily life of a golfer in a golf course. That is why it should also not be neglected. One way of making the golf cart appealing is to put in some accessories. But one of the main things that should be maintained for a golf cart is the battery. There are various golf cart batteries sold out there.Here are some of common battery types:

The first type is the deep cycle battery. The deep cycle battery is a lead-acid battery that is usually used for its regular optimum discharge that digs deep and uses most of its capacity. It usually discharges 45% to 75% of its capacity, depending on the use and the construction and design. They are also rechargeable and provide a strong supply of electric current over long periods.

The second is the Trojan battery. Trojan batteries are widely used in golf carts today. This is because Trojan batteries are durable, reliable and are designed with sealed AGMs or absorbent glass mats. These types of batteries generally require less maintenance as compared to the deep cycle once. Hence, they are more popular.

However, before you choose which battery to buy for your golf cart, it is important to not first which function you want your battery to perform. Do you want those that can support for longer currents or for those that are more durable? This is to make sure that you do not spend unnecessary amount of money and then end up buying again.

Next type of battery is the Trojan battery. Trojan batteries are first used way back in 1952. It is used mainly for its

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