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Get a Great Seal Impression Inker

Dec 4th 2015 at 12:25 AM

Seal the deal and get a seal impression inker to make sure that the image of the embossed seal can be photocopied. That is important to most people doing business.

There is nothing more frustrating than to make a copy of a document with an embossed notarized seal and that cannot reproduce on a photocopy. That is when it is most helpful to get a seal impression inker to be used in tandem with a raised embosser notary seal. The people who need copies of a legal document that also had a notary public's seal on it will be furious when the document file arrives, such as in a real estate closing, and nothing can be seen in the way of a notary. The document file is now out of compliance for the legal team that needs notarized signatures. This did take place, however, it could not be seen in the photocopies that were sent over and so the legal team is having to scramble around and get another set of notarized copies.

It is important for a notary public to keep this kind of thing in mind. Any legal department that has a notary public on staff should also seriously consider the advantage of having embossed seals as well as seal impression inker. It is easy to obtain one. These have many great features and can be ordered and received rather quickly.

The company that manufactures them assembles them in the United States and has a great reputation for making high quality products. It is hard to give up the embossing of a notary in lieu of a simple inking notary public seal. There is something very elegant and official about a three dimensional seal. The only problem is that when copies must be made for all concerned parties, the notary embossed seal does not show up.

Once the notary impression inker is obtained, it is important to follow some simple rules to get a clean, visible, reproducible seal on the photocopier. When making the embossed notary seal, the impression must be very cleanly made with a completely distinct image that is raised all around the seal. Then the notary impression inker is place over it and stamped. This will yield a clear, crisp, clean raised notary seal with inking detail on each raised piece of the embossed image. If the embossed seal is done carelessly with flat portions and uneven embossing of the seal, then the impression inker will run on the flat parts of the impression and make a messy smeared looking ink impression.

The notary impression inker does not have any image of a seal on it. It is blank but it is able to add the ink to the neatly raised impression of any embossed stamping seal. It is meant to use only with an embosser. Thus, a notary public would have two items to carry with them for their work or to keep in the notary's credenza. Once an original seal is created, whether it is for a notary or for another official seal that is an embosser, then keep an impression inker that has black ink close by for the sake of recording copies for all parties that are involved in transactions of interest that are notarized. Once the embossed seal is made, then put the impression inker over the embossed impression and stamp it. They are easy to order, so get a seal impression inker made in the USA today.

If you want to get a custom embosser online, the author of this article recommends Acorn Sales.

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