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Flag Representation of French Flag, Cuban Flag and Indian Flag

Dec 7th 2015 at 8:50 AM

Flag is the representation of a country. A country’s flag not only represents people of the country but also presents their belief as a whole.

French Flag is a tricolor flag which has three colors placed as vertical bands. These colors are blue, white and red. The French Flag was adopted way back in 1794 on the date 15 February. These vertical bands are not of the same area. The proportion of the area that the three bands of the French flag occupy is 30:33:37. Obviously, the area of Red color in the flag is more than that of both blue and white. The colors blue and red of the French flag are traditional colors of Paris, which is the capital of France. White is described by Lefayette as the “ancient French color”.

The Cuban Flag does have the same colors, which is Red, Blue and White, but the similarity of the Cuban flag with the French Flag ends here only. The arrangement of the color bands is strikingly different than that on the French flag. The Cuban Flag has horizontal bands of the color blue and white placed alternately with blue occupying a total of three bands in five. The blue color horizontal band is at the top as well as at the bottom. There is an equilateral triangle of the red color. The base of the triangle is on the left side of the flag and the triangle has a five-pointed star of white color. The Cuban flag was adopted on May 20, 1902.

The Indian flag also has three colors but this time the difference is more blatant. The Indian flag is called Tiranga that in Hindi, the official or the first language of India, means Tricolor. Just like that of the Cuban flag, the Indian flag has the horizontal bands of colors. There are a total of three horizontal bands, each with a different color. The top band is of the color deep saffron, the middle one is white and the last one is green in color. These bands are rectangular in shape. The white band, which is the middle band, of the flag has a Chakra (wheel) that is known as Ashoka Chakra. The wheel is navy-blue in color and has 24 spokes in total. The Indian flag is the youngest one among all that are discussed here. The Indian flag, as it’s recognized today, was adopted back in 1947, July 22nd, approximately a month before the official announcement of the Indian Independence.

All the flags that are discussed here had one thing in common, the presence of three colors, and their unique arrangement in bands, both horizontal and vertical.

A flag holds the stature of a nation, and hence so much meticulous consideration goes into its design and other aspects. No matter which country we talk about, the respect among people for their country’s flag is commendable and warranted.

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