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Expert Guide To Select The Right Gardening Tools

Dec 1st 2015 at 12:34 AM

Gardening is a hobby that gives immense peace of mind and helps you beat stress. If you have just started gardening then you would need the right tools to do the job correctly. These days, there are a wide range of gardening tools available online at reputed online stores like, TheOrganic.Life-the leading online store to buy organic gardening products and tools. All you need is the right knowledge about the gardening tools. Here are some common gardening tools you will need as a beginner.


The scissor-like tools are used to cut branches and weeds. You may also use them to harvest vegetables and flowers. There are available in different varieties, like:

  • Bypass Pruners. They are used to cut small live branches. They are available in different sizes, according to the thickness of the plant being cut.
  • Bypass Loppers. They come with longer handle to reach branches on small trees and shrubs. They are capable of cutting thicker branches, some up to one inch or more.
  • Anvil Pruners. Anvil pruners are used to cut dead dry branches.
  • Anvil Loppers. These loppers are used to cut thicker branches, and have longer handle.


It looks like a screwdriver with a large, flat head. It gets down under the roots of the weeds and pulls it out.

Garden Shovel

The garden shovel is your main digging tool. You can use it to dig a new garden bed, or to shovel new dirt into holes or the garden bed.

Garden Hoe

It is used to dig up weeds in larger garden beds or in the rows between plants. It offers more benefits than a weeder because it has a larger surface area and can remove tough to remove grasses easily.

Garden Pots

Needless to say, this is one of the most important things you will need for gardening. Garden pots are available in many varieties, sizes and materials. Selecting the right garden pot is very important to successfully grow beautiful plants in your garden. You can get the best garden pots online, by visiting TheOrganic.Life-India’s premier store to buy organic products and gardening tools online.


It looks like a tiny fork. It's the same size as the weeder. It is also used in weeding and getting close to the garden bed. It is used where a garden hoe cannot be used.

Organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizer is very important to keep your plants healthy and fulfill their nutritional requirements. They are a rich source of beneficial micro-organisms and contain nutrients in abundance to support your plants and protect them from various diseases too.

Garden Gloves

If you are one of those who like gardening but are afraid of getting your hands dirty, then it is a must tool for you. Garden gloves help protect your hands from the harsh conditions and also protect your hands from harmful micro-organisms.

Now that you have some knowledge of gardening tools for beginners, log on to the internet and visit TheOrganic.Life at- Here you will find the best gardening tools and organic food online to make your life healthy and happy.

When you have the best tools to start your hobby, you can make your garden nothing less than a heaven.

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