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Everything You Should Know About Pillow Covers Online

Jun 10th 2015 at 4:59 AM

Decorative pillow covers are used to enhance or protect the fabric and soften its roughness. Understanding the types and roles of decorative headrest envelopes is a must. They are used as support and comfort for adding softness or durability to the padding. They can transform the look of an entire room to a one dimensional piece of furniture.

Decorative envelops online serve two main functions: protection and decoration.


· Add style and flair, transforming the overall look and feel of the padding.

· The wide variety of padding covers includes extremely ordinate, delicate fancy envelopes, to casual, everyday used covers.

· They create decorative accents and easiest projects to sew.


· The cover sustains the most wear and tear, protecting the original fabric and casing of the padding.

· Allows a user to do cleaning or repairs as and when required.

· Accumulate allergens, dusts, microbes and other impurities that cause allergies. Make it a point to launder envelops periodically.

· They omit the harshness and roughness of the headrest at varying magnitudes, depending upon the fabric of the envelope.

Types of cover:

Toss/ throw:

Useful for small decorative padding meant to toss onto a chair, a bed or couch.  Add a splash of color and designs with its varied shapes.

Knife edge: One of the kinds of the basic padding that may seem side seams taper into sharp, nice corners.

Box: Have a box-edge headrest that has varied depth and dimensions.  These edges are defined by contrasting piping to show off the added dimension.

Flange: A flange extends out from the side seams usually at least two inches or more. It can be done in a contrasting fabric to soften the look of the padding.

Piped: Also known as welting, these can be outlined with its decorative detail for the padding. Self-piped means it is covered in the exact same fabric as the body of the padding. Define the edge with the contrast.

Embellished: The covers are heavily decorated including fancy trims around the edges. They can be renewed for the dimensional assortments attached to beading, tassels and/or buttons.

Bolster or roll: The padding covers add a bolster shape to any grouping of paddings that added interest. It is the fun to decorate with gathers, tassels, buttons and ties. Roll it easily so that it fits inside your bolster cover.

Bed: One of our head crashes into one end of a long home décor. You’re often buying the actual headrest insert to make your own decorative cases. They make great personalized gifts.

· Standard: 19”*26”

· Queen: 19”*30”

· King: 20”*36”

· Euro: 26”*26”

Shams: They are known as a lovely decorative covering, often with a deep flange edge. They are quick and easy way to change the look of the padding. Update a room for the new season, a holiday celebration or just because you feel like it.


Homedrape offers high quality cotton pillow covers that ensure your loved ones rest in stillness.  They have unmatchable comfort to make them fall in sleep in time. The pillow covers online is obtainable in various sizes enumerating the design elements in your room.

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