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Everyone Wants To Sell Something

Oct 5th 2010 at 3:52 PM

The think about online opportunities are first there are too many.  They cannot be all making people millionaires.  Can they?

The deals come in one after and before the other, each promising that this will be it and you know what all it cost is $7, wow what a deal.  For $7 you could literally become rich.  Lots of people fall for that because they want to believe that there is a magic bullet out there that has their name and maybe social security number on it.  There must also be spam but I would not know the difference.

Tell you at one point I had signed up for so much stuff that that I would get approximately 600 emails a day with offers I had sign up to in my quest to find the golden grail.  Lemme tell you, it's not in them emails.  Of course, I cannot blame the senders, in most cases it was my fault.  It was me who plunked down my name email address and occasionally my credit card to get these emails. Justified is what it's called now..

There was a silver lining to that cloud. At what seemed to be my breaking point one day where I was at a point of total frustration; a solution came.  Before it did most of my time was spent selectively deleting t the emails I thought I could judge from the subject line.  That way I would not miss an important email.

At one point I even got a new email address.

Here's the problem with that change.  I just changed the address, not my habit of checking everything out.  Soon that too was overflowing with unread emails.  Finally I took an action that fixed everything.  One fell swoop, done fixed, I no longer feel the guilt of missing an important email. I think it too is justified.

I will share that with you in my next article.

Thanks for reading.

Stay blessed

P.S.  Can you guess what I did to fix the email problem?  Give it a shot you might be right.

Here is one thing I did that may help you save time and money




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Sep 4th 2016 at 8:05 AM by londoncleo
interesting article

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