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Ever heard of Groupon?

Aug 24th 2010 at 10:58 AM

They are one of the fastest growing websites on the Internet. What they do is amazing. I know, I receive their daily emails too.

Last week they did a promotion for The Gap and it nearly crashed their servers. They sold over 440,000 coupons. 11 Million Dollars for The Gap and 11 Million for Groupon. Not bad for a days of work, what do you think? People were buying like crazy. Why? You get everything HALF off.

These "deal a day" websites are raking in customers and orders. It's the Big Online
Sensation that's happening RIGHT NOW!  The trend is known as Group Buying or Social Group Buying.  It's the fastest growing sector of commerce online today.

Everybody loves a deal and if you can purchase your goods for half off, why not, right?
Retailers are waiting months to get their deals onto these websites and there are waiting lists for the major player right now.

In just the last year and a half, the trend-setter (and originator) of this concept has become the second fastest company in HISTORY to be valued at over a BILLION DOLLARS...only second to YOUTUBE!

THIS IS THE HOTTEST NEW TREND ONLINE TODAY - and I just found the FIRST Company to take this trend into the Home-Based Business industry.  They have built the Social Group Buying Platform and "married it" to a Network Marketing Business Model.

By marrying the Group Buying model to a home-based business model, they have created an opportunity that represents MANY FIRSTS that have NEVER BEEN DONE before in the home-based business industry.


First company in the History of Network Marketing where customers literally beat down the doors to buy the products!  Not because of the money that can be made, but because of the AWESOME product deals that they are climbing over each other to get at! (this is no exaggeration) This has NEVER been done before in the Network Marketing Industry!

Best Customer to Distributor Ratio - Most people joining will be joining to buy the products, not for the business opportunity.  I speculate that well over 90% of the people who join this company will be doing so to BUY the products.  NEVER has a Network Marketing company or Affiliate Opportunity EVER seen these kinds of numbers!

Most Wealth Created for the distributors! Due to the fact that there has NEVER been a company where customers literally beat down the doors to buy the products, it's obvious to believe that they might create more wealth for their distributors than any other company in the history of Network Marketing!

First Network Marketing company to FLIP the Network Marketing Business Model on its ear.  Most Network Marketing companies mark-up their products 6 to 10 times the cost in order to create a compensation plan for the members (This is why Network Marketing is KNOWN for overpriced products) They are different because their products are local products that are DRASTICALLY DISCOUNTED instead of being marked-up for profit. ANOTHER FIRST!

By their estimate, they will be the fastest Network Marketing Company to a Billion Dollars in sales. Again, based on the fact that the majority of members will be joining to buy the products They believe that this is not only realistic, it's a given!

It made sense, so I joined for *FREE* today.

Have a fantastic day!


P.S. If you want to check it out, here is the link



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