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Easy and essential tips to secure your convenient online shopping

Jan 13th 2015 at 10:47 PM

Online shopping is convenient in every regards. You don’t have to waste your valuable time waiting in queues, you don’t have to push around a shopping cart for real, and you can compare the quality, price, discount offers and delivery time of all the shops in the city literally from your couch! However, just like everything else, online shopping too has its shortcomings and that is the security threat your accounts face.

The security issue

In order to make payment online or even place a cash-on-delivery order you have to enter your bank account details for the assurance of the website. However, cybercrime is on an all-time rise and you can be a victim in more than one way:

· The payment you make might get picked by phishing websites.

· Your bank account could get hacked and the whole account robbed while registering.

· Your online media account details like e-mail or Facebook accounts might get hacked.

· Your online identity could get phished and misused for crimes of even higher order!

Tips to Secure your online purchases

You don’t need to be a gizmo freak to secure your social networking, online banking and other online accounts from phishing websites. You can secure all your accounts if you abide by these simple guidelines:

· Use only trusted websites and apps: A slightly different logo or a misspelling or a different extension are easy to overlook if you enter your search directly on a search engine. Hence, always open a trusted website first and then lose yourself in online shopping. While shopping from a mobile, use the exclusive mobile app for the particular trusted website.

· Don’t auto-fill all your info: Even if it is a trusted website, never feed in all the info. While on a familiar website, you should know when the website asks for what details; give no more than that. Any unscheduled password or account details demand is a phishing bait.

· Keep different and strong passwords: Passwords must include a combination of letters, and numbers and must have special characters because their ASCII values are difficult to crack. Keep different passwords and usernames for all your e-commerce accounts and share them with nobody so that your identity is untraceable by phishing sites.

· Make transactions only from your personal devices: Shop only from your own PC or Smartphone. If however you need to make a transaction from a shared device, ensure nobody is creeping over your shoulder and double check the logout when done.

· Check the title bar: Shop only from websites that have an https:// (not just http://) followed by a little padlock as it indicates the site has secure sockets layer encryption. Keep a track of your credit statement once a day so that you can take immediate action if any dubious transaction is seen.

You can easily avoid being a victim to any cybercrime and continue shopping online conveniently as long as you apply these security tips helping you to carry out the safe purchase.


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