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Do Video Games Affect Children Negatively?

Jun 12th 2014 at 1:09 AM

For quite some time now, there has been an assumption that video games can be a bad influence on children’s minds. Parents have often discouraged their young ones to play video games because they fear it could teach them to be hostile and aggressive. Although this could be true in some rare cases, studies show that most gamers, including hardcore ones, show no signs of vicious behavior in their real lives. Additionally, to assert that all video games can influence violent behavior is an ignorant accusation. Some of the games in fact, have numerous positive effects on games, both young and old. Most people tend to overlook this.

Developing Self-Confidence

Video games are not only a source of safe entertainment for the individual; they also promote cooperation and teamwork, when played with family and friends. A father can use challenging video games to bond with his children and bring them closer together. Video games are also considered to build up children’s confidence, as they perfect their skills. Their own achievements in mastering games develop their self-esteem and give them something to be proud of. Moreover, games can contribute to the knowledge of young ones and inspire new ambitions. For example, children who like to play airplane games could be aspiring to become pilots one day.

Contribution to Knowledge

One can learn many things from games. Games like Dynasty Warriors can teach a lot about China’s ancient history. The Mass Effect and Final Fantasy series could help develop a person’s interest in sci-fi and fantasy. In addition to that, research reveals that video games can be a good exercise to enhance visual skills. Experts say that gamers have an edge over non-video game players with regards to visual attention abilities. Video games can also augment a person’s hand to eye coordination levels, as you one focuses on the screen while controlling the joystick. A recent study has revealed that surgeons who play video games avidly make fewer errors than those who don’t.

Although games cannot be blamed for inciting violence among teenagers, they may still have some negative effects on certain people. Academic performance is affected due to video games. Some games have bad language and children can learn them if not carefully supervised by parents.


Just like everything else, video games have both pros and cons. It is up to the individual to either put his abilities and gifts to good use or bad, but as far as facts and figures go, video games have fewer cons and greater pros.

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