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Diamond Wedding Rings Sydney: Make Your Big Day Special

May 18th 2015 at 1:01 AM

Diamond rings have a long history as engagement symbols. While they are a more popular option for men who are only about to pop the most important question of their life, they are also becoming popular with marrying couples. Diamonds signify relentless, enduring love. Their unmatched strength and timeless beauty are symbolic of long-lasting, beautiful relationships, which is why more and more people are choosing diamonds as accents for their wedding ring. Diamond wedding rings are versatile-looking, which enables couples to wear them with most any outfit, from elegant dresses and suits to jeans and shirts. Versatility is something you ought to look for in a ring that you are supposed to wear on a daily basis.

Presenting a diamond engagement ring is a relatively recent tradition that first became popular sometime during the 1930s. While engagement rings go back centuries, diamond rings only became commonplace recently. This is largely because diamonds were far too rare and much too expensive in the early days.

Historians believe that the tradition of presenting an engagement ring to prospective brides originated from an ancient Roman custom. In this ancient practice, wives wore rings that are attached to small keys to indicate husband-ownership. Fast forward to 1477, the very first diamond engagement ring on record was commissioned by Archduke Maximillian of Austria, for his betrothed, Mary of Burgundy. His action sparked the beginning of the trend for diamond engagement rings among nobles and aristocrats in Europe.

During the Victorian era that ornate and elaborate engagement ring designs were more popular, mixing gemstones with diamonds and other precious metals. These rings often took the shape of beautiful flowers. They were dubbed "posey rings" and became very commonplace in the years following, until the Edwardian era when the tradition of matching diamonds with other jewels started.

It was not until the discovery of African diamond mines that diamond became more affordable to people with lesser means. This is why diamond rings as engagement symbols did not become widespread until the 1930s.

As the classic De Beers slogan states, “A diamond is forever.” The durability of a diamond represents the permanence of a marriage. Its purity and sparkle, strength, and high price, are all reflective of the depth and value of a man's commitment to the woman he wants to marry. In the earlier days, the average cost of a diamond ring was around $1,500. Today, prices are close to $5,000. Whether you are only planning to propose or is already planning your big day, a wedding ring is a symbolic piece of jewellery that can truly make your celebration extra special.

About the Author:

This article was written by Roger Cadelena, the founder of Ziba &Co. They are an online retailer of certified loose diamonds and fine jewelleries at a very competitive price. They provide a great online shopping experience and a selection of custom made diamond engagement rings with a network of trusted local jewellers and renowned international brands in one seamless transaction.

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