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Colorful Glamour of Pillow Covers to Brighten Up Your Milieu

Feb 17th 2015 at 2:25 AM

Everything in the house we need luxurious but stylish as well. Then, only life seems to be rhythmic and enjoyable for us. Though there are many ways to keep the inside ambiance fashion forward including chandelier, nice flooring, wallpapers, decorative furniture and lots more but still need for accessories always arise in the décor. Add-ons like cushion covers, bolster covers, wall hanging etc contribute in offering an instant fresh look to the space. Now, even pillow covers work as decorative accents in modern interiors.

Few people are aware about their role in accentuating glamour in the house but those who know are enjoying vivid moods in the house. Change in feel and look of the room could be so easy and interesting is totally a surprise package with pillow covers. You thought their role is restricted to just the bedding but guess what they can be added to any empty space and corner of the house. Anywhere you feel the void of a coziness and style, fill that with the hint of well dressed pillow covers. Superb range for their designs, prints and patterns can be summarized as below:

  • Solid- With vivid colors and shades, any boring and dull space can be revived. Lounging in the living area or bedroom, make it interesting with various tones of rainbow platter. Let them complement with the existing décor theme or let them stand out anyhow solid covers are going to make things work out best in the décor.
  • Traditional Flavor- There is nothing as unique and enchanting as ethnic design patterns. You would always be enamored by their old grace meant to set a distinctive décor theme in the house. You can dress up home with the glory of paisley, baroque or arabesque; they have the intricacy to lure minds and eyes.
  • Floral Touch- Nothing is inspiring as the freshness of blossoms, so let them spread their irresistible splendor in the house all over. In pink, white, yellow, blue or purple, being big or small, in bunches or alone, anyhow they are going to bring so many adorable effects in the living space.
  • Geometric Twist- Invite the grandeur of geometric patterns that are meant to shape up your inner world. Diamonds, triangular patterns, tetragons, circles, spheres, stripes or checks, they have the chic appeal to fit effortlessly in modern interiors. Cotton pillow covers too can be savvy with geometric twist and so would be your décor.
  • Modern art- There is nothing glorious as irregular prints and patterns to add oomph inside interiors. Abstract designs with irregular silhouettes, they work out gorgeously in contemporary home decors where sophisticated yet stylish hint of art is desired. It comes in bold and beautiful color contrasts to standout among other décor elements.

Everything till now being discussed was about styling, now coming to the luxury quotient of pillow covers. Only cotton comes to mind first to keep senses overwhelmed with one touch. It sends soothing sensations to mind, body and soul being so soft and luxurious in nature. Moreover, it is so easy to care at home if designed with premium quality. Pure cotton with high thread counts can deliver long lasting results.

Homedrape has an enthralling collection of cotton pillow covers to fit in every design theme.
Article Source:- http://goo.gl/SounqT

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