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Choose Carpets with Brilliant Stain Resistance for Your Dirt Prone Space

Aug 5th 2014 at 10:53 PM

You must have noticed that almost every carpet company claims that products they offer are resistant to stains. This makes the decision of purchasing a stain resistant a bit chaotic. If you are looking for the same and totally clueless what is going to serve your needs, then don’t worry. Flooring companies basically highlights the advantages of whatever product they supply and hide their flaws. It’s the knowledge of the buyer that helps in indentifying whether the benefits served to him are suitable to keep the stains off.

Here, you can have the complete picture of most popular floorings with emphasis upon they help in keeping the floor space dirt free.

  1. Wool- There is a coat of stain preventing chemical on most of the carpet fibers but wool is an exception. It’s naturally resistant to give you a big relief from ketchup spots and repels oil. Most of the floorings are either resistant to spills or oils but hardly to both. However, wool is your best take if your need protection from both solids and liquids. The only drawback with wool is it’s quite expensive.
  2. Nylon- It is widely accepted by many home owners due to its great resistance for stains. It comes with brilliant stain coating to prevent your floor space from spills and other inevitable mishaps. Though it doesn’t repel oil like wool but doesn’t attract it even like other materials. The performance of nylon varies since it’s not naturally resistant but it’s the artificial coating. Now, when the coat is from good brand, automatically better results you can get.
  3. Polyester & Polypropylene- They both are two different fibers but can be discussed together for the discussion. Both are oil based floor coverings, thus are brilliant in repelling spills. The problem is they do attract oils. They are inexpensive though only the protection against solids is guaranteed. Thus, it would be right to use them in room where people take off their shoes (shoes brings oil especially from asphalt driveway) and where people won’t be laying around ( skin too emits oil)
  4. Viscose- This manmade fiber is a durable option for high footfall areas and stain resistant as well. The only drawback is it is susceptible to high temperatures, thus might melt when introduced to flames. So, better keep it away from fireplace, otherwise might get struck by burning ash and the rest is all fine. It can fight with dirt and spills effectively. It sometimes comes with blends of wool or nylon for better functionality.
Homebyfreedom is one such online portal where you can find the premium wool & viscose amalgam. Their modern designer carpets collection is not just visually pleasing but meant for practical use. From their soothing softness to the tendency of keeping the dirt away, anyway they are suitable to meet varied lifestyle needs of yours. Their designs are minimalistic, showcasing refined elegance for uber chic or highly sophisticated setting. Fade resistant colors and easy maintenance make them suitable for daily use. Further, if you need any different size for any of these carpets, get that done through their customization service. Enjoy a perfect, clean yet stylish floor space at reasonable prices.

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