Care and Replacement of Blue Sapphire

Jul 9th 2015 at 12:21 AM

Gemstones are known to harbinger a large number of astrological benefits for those wear them, but at the same time they need excellent care and timely replacement. The purpose of wearing a gemstone is to appease the astrological planet related to it and make it favorable for oneself. As in blue sapphire gemstone, it can invoke the blessings of planet Saturn/ Shani. Once the blue sapphire gemstone becomes damaged or scratched, it will lose proper care its ability to filter the cosmic energies of this planet and you will no longer be able to attain any of its astrological benefits. Therefore, be sure not only to buy a good quality blue sapphire, but also maintain it with good care and replacement. By ensuring of your gemstone, you can prolong its life too.

Tips for Care of Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Regular cleaning of your blue sapphire is the first step towards its care. Since blue sapphire is a hard gemstone, it need not be handled delicately. You can dip the gemstone in warm soapy waste and clean it using a soft brush. Make sure that you scrub of all the debris from the gemstone, which may be in the form of accumulated soap or powder. Clean it with a soft cloth and wear it again. You can also use a splash of ammonia once in a while to wash your yellow sapphire to retain its luster. Alternatively, you can put in an ultrasonic cleaner or steamer, though the conventional soap and water cleaning is considered a better way.

One thing to keep in mind is that the water should not be too hot and the soap should be mild in composition, so that it does not cause any kind of damage to the gemstone. Professional cleaning once a year can give great results and maintain your blue sapphire in an excellent condition. Also, protect your gemstone from hard and sharp objects to prevent scratches. Whenever you buy this stone, make sure that you buy an untreated blue sapphire, which is free from any kinds of flaws or scratched. Buying a certified blue sapphire is a smart way out, but you need to do it from trusted websites only, such as 9gem.com and bluesapphire.org.in.

When to Replace your Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire, which is made up of corundum, is a hard gemstone, coming next to only diamond in terms of hardness. Therefore, it does not require a lot of maintenance and chances of cracking and abrasions are few. However, a replacement is warranted once you see a crack, scratch or abrasion on the surface of your blue sapphire, as this leads to hindrance in positive effects of the gemstone, and it can become rather negative for the wearer. Therefore, you must check your blue sapphire regularly and replace it as soon as you notice any kind of abnormality in it.

Always buy a good quality natural blue sapphire, and do so only after checking it for any flaws. Also check the price of blue sapphire before you buy it.



Proper care of blue sapphire is as important as buying and wearing it, as only a flawless and well maintained gemstone can help you draw positive benefits. A stone which is not cleaned and cared properly, and becomes damaged as a result, is more likely to have a negative impact on you. Some simple steps for care of blue sapphire can help you derive 100% benefits as well as prolong its life.

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