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Buying Wedding Jewelry You’ll Be Happy With

Aug 9th 2015 at 7:06 AM

Wedding occasions need to be the best time for a couple since it only comes once in their lives. It is not the time for the bride and the groom to scrimp on their wedding expenses.

The Quality of the Jewelry Is Vital

Most wedding couple would splash on their wedding dress, wedding reception and honeymoon and tend to forget the importance of ‘small’ things like wedding jewelry.

This is unfortunate because jewelry is also important since it is the thing that completes the attire of the wedding couple. The type of jewelry that the couple should wear should perfectly match the style, quality and design of their wedding dress.

Wearing trinkets that appear to only be an afterthought will not enhance the look of the couple on what supposedly is their grandest day. So, if the couple decides to enhance their wedding attire with white gold chains, they must be in accord with the quality and style of their white wedding dress.

Tips on Buying Wedding Jewelry

When considering wedding trinkets for your wedding day, follow these simple tips and you will never go wrong.

A) Diamond Jewelry
If both of you want to embellish your attire with diamond, you need to determine the type of diamond you want to wear. There are 4Cs that determines the value of diamond jewelry – cut, color, clarity and carat.

A high carat diamond is heavier than a diamond with a lighter carat and therefore more expensive. If the diamond appears to have excellent clarity, that means there is little flaw in the way it was cut. Its value is determined by a diamond grader.

B) Gold Jewelry
The purest gold is 24 karat. It is a soft metal and can’t be used as a piece of precious trinket if it is not combined with other metals. By infusing other metals with gold, it will be more durable and hard. Gold chain for men is an example of this.

For instance, 18 karat gold would have 18 parts of gold, and 8 parts of metal alloys which are usually copper, silver, nickel or zinc. There are 10 k, 14 k, 16 k, 18 k and 24 k gold. The higher the karat, the more expensive is the gold jewelry.  

C) Pearl Jewelry
Pearls are equally suitable for wedding jewelry. There are three classes of pearls available today – natural pearls, cultured pearls, and the synthetic pearls made of plastic.

Obviously, the most precious are south sea pearls because they are extricated from mollusks deep down the south pacific. Next to them are cultured pearls which are also natural but are produced by mollusks in cages or nets. Synthetic pearls are the cheapest and are only for show.

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