Buying Student Violins – Making All The Right Choices

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The journey of a violin student generally begins with rented instrument that is there just to get them used to holding and playing the thing. Reaching the stage where a violinist has become experienced enough to buy his own is memorable. Getting to the point where you are now skilled enough to actually begin playing on your own violin is something to be proud of. But this point also means making a heavy investment towards buying a student violin. Here are some basics that will help you in making the right purchase for yourself.


  • Think about investing in violin outfits as opposed to buying student violins piece by piece. Most shops and makers offer packaged outfits to help students in selecting all the right components of their violin in one go rather than having to individually select each one. A violin outfit will generally contain a violin, a violin bow, a case and a cake of violin rosin.
  • Understand that the major part of the cost you will be bearing for the instrument will be for the violin itself. The other components however are just as important and you should take care as to not skimp too much on them or risk damaging your instrument in the longer run.
  • Experienced violinmakers are a better source to buy student violins when you compare their merchandise with generic music retail stores. The issue is, the retailers often provide low quality stuff to buyers in order to keep the price of their products low. Violinmakers however understand what is good and what is not for your instrument and will only sell products that are perfectly suited to your needs. The cost may be greater, but in both the short and long run, it will be a smarter choice.
  • Handcrafted violins will always be better than their mass produced, machine made counterparts. Don’t be mistaken however – even the handcrafted violin will be made by an assembly line of violinmakers, each with different skill sets, abilities and expertise. But, depending upon how they are set up and assembled, these handmade student violins will always sound way better than others. And they will be costlier.
  • Understand that even the smallest component of your violin outfit, right from the instrument itself to its bow and rosin, will have a huge impact on your ultimate experience of playing. Student violin or professional, always get the best quality of everything you can afford. Local shops and violinmakers generally discard the low quality bows with bad wood or hair and replace them with the ones that will create the best possible sounds from the instrument.
  • The thumb-rule to follow is to ensure that you buy a student violin from a shop , whether online or physical, that is represented and staffed by skilled violinmakers and luthiers. This way you will only have the best pieces to choose from.
  • Buying the instrument can typically cost you anywhere between $399 to $1200. Be ready to open your wallet for the best student violin available.

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