Brief information on toughened glass

Jul 12th 2015 at 11:06 PM

These days the use of glass has been quite popular in the construction of commercial or residential building. It might be because the glass is quite cheap and light weight and aids the aesthetic aspect. Moreover if your house needs more sunlight the use of glass is the best option. These days there has been increased demand for tempered of toughened glass in the market. These glasses are quite strong as compared to normal glass as they are manufactured in the industry under strong chemical as well as thermal treatment. The toughened glass is so made that even if it breaks, it crumbles into very fine pieces of glass and thus it makes itself safe enough to be used in the various household parts like windows, doors, and bathroom and even in the mobile screens.

Properties of the toughened glass

  1. The strength of the toughened glass is comparatively stronger than the normal kind of glass in both physical as well as thermal aspect.

  2. The glass has quite strong surface stress which makes it practical in use as it will break down into smaller pieces thus making it safer for use.

  3. This toughened glass has more compressive strength than tension strength.

Uses of the toughened glass

Since the property of glass is friendly enough for use, it is used in different places with different user motives.

  1. The toughened glasses are used in automobiles, basically in the rear as well as side windows of the vehicle.

  2. It is also used as a component of a bullet-proof glass in a vehicle.

  3. They are used in sliding doors or in large windows as well as partition glass wall.

  4. They are also used as for skylights as well as in the fire department panels.

  5. They are used near swimming pools.

  6. They are used as cell phone screen protector.

  7. Believe it or not some of the tempered glasses are even used for baking as well as cooking.

  8. It may be used as stained glass after dying colour over it.

Advantages of Toughened Glass

There are a few advantages of the toughened glass that makes it friendlier than the rest of the other glasses:

  1. It is strong and even if crushed down, it crushes into smaller pieces so that it doesn’t cause serious harm to people.

  2. It has high compressive strength and thus can withstand more compressed load than glass obtained from annealing.

Thus if you are thinking of giving your house a glass partitions and choose strong glass for the windows as well as shower walls, make sure that the toughened glass is your choice because no better performance is expected within this budget in other types of glass.


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