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Back to School Planning-Back to Reality| August 2014:

Aug 20th 2014 at 10:08 AM


So it's back to school time. For most of us Moms that means back to reality I do not know about you, but this summer has been an adventure for me and my family was very holiday for us, because the state of our economy and the impact on our pocket book limited this year. Planning holiday was pretty hard and I spent a lot of time searching for the best deals anywhere we wanted to go. Fortunately, even with a tight budget, we did some very good places like New York, Miami, San Diego and many days of good old Zuma Beach to enjoy this summer. Oh, how beautiful were the days relaxing on the beach and read the latest magazines. Now back to school here, it is time, not only children, but focus on the new school house and vacation planning. Here are some useful tips to do so. Possible smooth transition.

Tip# 1 before you go shopping: "Back-to-School" August for the second-best sales month for retailers worldwide and most retailers known begin their return to school sales in July. So needless to say, it is wise to buy at the time, but they are actually ready, then? A little advice, I live by:

"An informed buyer is a smart buyer"

So always be prepared before you buy.

For the evaluation -Start clothing needs for the school for each child.

Drawers and cupboards -Empty overgrowth or worn and store or donate the discards clothing.

And -clean organize Store to add new elements.

-Create A "wardrobe must return to school" list for each child.

Discuss the "list" and your budget with your children before you buy, and you will not avoid tantrums in stores, that may arise.

The same applies to supplies for the school. Be sure to ask the school for a list of educational materials before purchasing school supplies. Again, with sales back to the school by mid-July, last minute shoppers may have difficulty arranging the children had for their early shopping materials.

Tip # 2 Create a Calendar: The school year is filled with a variety of activities and is easier than if they these activities are not specified for the whole family to review. Nothing centrally located overwhelmed when chaos to calm his school Make a calendar plate. This board should be responsible for all family calendars, schedules, programs reviewed after school activities, school programs, and all you feel is related. Just bought a basic cork board, add calendar printed whiteboard, in a central location of the house and you on your way. This is the most important in the creation of time management of the school year organized and stress-free family pass. Registration form is less important than the role; select a calendar format that works best for your family and manage back to school days.


Tip# 3 Loosen the "Back to School" scheme: During the summer holidays we all tend our typical school schedule to fall. We tend to stay up late and wake up later. Help for everyone in the family, the school year with a bang, starting two weeks before the first day of school to start going to bed at the time you every week and clock would be on a "typical" night class morning waking up for school. This will help the whole family back in the routine, so the first day is not so stressful and children are equipped for their first day back.

The new school is hands down the pace of the family, so I hope some of these tips will help to create a new approach and pleasant harmony in your home. Keep in mind, less stress leads to better health and happiness for all.

Luckily for Back to School!

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