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Alert Pet Owners: Know about Carpets that are Suitable for You

Aug 22nd 2014 at 2:14 AM

If you think, animal’s best friend and carpets can’t exist together then think again. You just need to right your concepts in order to find the right tapestry for you. Peep, poop or puke by animals are occasional headaches that trigger pet owners but that’s the life of animal. If you are living with a dog or cat, you have to deal with it. Just get you facts clear about useful features in floorings that hold up well to pets.

Generally carpets are picked on the basis of warmth and comfort they deliver. However, when you are sharing a house with pet, then the scenario gets little different. Living with them means dirty paws would happen on the floor every now and then. And if you have a cat, then floor scratching by her sharp claws might ruin the entire new flooring very soon. So, it’s quite important to understand that with pets needs for flooring varies. If you adapt them your coexistence with animals can become quite easy. Listed below are some major points to avoid and consider for a wise purchase and not just splurging over any carpet.

  • Accidental Happenings- Just like you use a pullover in winters, there is a need of protection on carpets if occasionally hits by poop, urine or puke. Stain protection on flooring is the top most requirements in flooring where pets roam. It doesn’t matter how much trained are your pets, they are not going to use toilets anyway. It calls for options like nylon, polyester or smart strand. Now, which one is better for you??
  • Big Animals- If you own a dog or any other pet with a weight of child then, you require an extra resilient attribute. A cheaper or low quality carpet can break down easily by the heavy mass of your big pet. Nylon and smart strands are best for them with excellent stain resistance. Also make sure their density is greater than 2000 and other performance factors like twists, wear rating etc are up to par.
  • Small Animals- As rabbits and cats are not going to beat the flooring physically, you need not to worry even if they prance around. In their case, you can rely upon polyester and polypropylene which are cheaper options comparatively. So, replacing flooring if it wears out in a shorter period would be a less pain than changing nylon. With these fabrics, you need to stress upon the low to medium face weight and density factors.
  • Avoid Berber- There are no doubts Berber carpets are good for many reasons but with pets they pose some drawbacks. Most important is they are not skin friendly, so you might not like troubling your pet for your decoration needs. Secondly, their designing is such that animals would find easy to snag their claws in it for scratching. Thirdly, their tight weave makes it difficult to remove stains.
  • Moisture Barrier Padding- As there are chances that urine might penetrate through the tapestry into floor board, spreading foul smell everywhere, moisture barrier padding becomes essential. It would prevent the liquid reaching floor space so that it can be extracted easily later on. However, make sure a professional installer you use for this purpose as special installation to keep the surface sealed is required.

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