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Advantages Of Wearing Blue Sapphire For Capricorn Ascendant

Jul 9th 2015 at 2:42 AM

Are you belong to Capricorn zodiac sign? So, I have a good news for you, Do you know Saturn is the lord of this zodiac sign. Consequently, it is also considered to be the lord of zodiac sign Aquarius. But, here we will talk only about you Capricorn. You can feel, blessed or lucky that Saturn which is known to be a vengeful or spiteful planet is lord of your sun-sign. However because of this several people feel vulnerable, because of the wrong  perception being created about Saturn planet.Although, Saturn is a plant which is basically driven by the karma of an individual. If a person works hard and devote his/her self and incur their effort so they are being blessed by Saturn with enormous wealth, health, prosperity, and peace.But one point of worry is that due to presence of large no. of fake jewelers, It is cumbersome task to find a natural blue sapphire stone. However a person can wear ceylon blue sapphire stone or certified blue sapphire stone from a well-known astrologer for best result. Instead, i know cost of blue sapphire is bit high, but it has enormous benefits which can not be over looked.So coming back to the subject again. The benefits or advantages of neelam ratna for Capricorn ascendant.

Benefits of Blue Sapphire Or Neelam ratna For Capricorn Ascendant:For Capricorn ascendant the good news is that they can wear this stone thought their life. Since this stone is being ruled by planet Saturn. So it bestows its wearer good health, prosperity, enormous wealth, money instantly.There are certain prevail  benefits which a person can  by wearing this stone which are listed below for Capricorn Ascendant.

Blue Sapphire For Good Fortune:Blue Sapphire gemstone of Saturn is known to be this strongest and fastest acting planet in solar family.If it suits in natal chart of a person undoubtedly It can bring good fortune, fate, enormous wealth.So if you are suffering from bad luck or misfortune so embrace effective  blue sapphire gemstone which is known to bring fortune or luck in its wearer life.

This stone has special healing properties which aid in curing many serious problems.So to avert  against serious diseases such as asthma, liver, eye, heart or mental diseases embrace this extremely blissful gemstone.

Astrologers confirm that blue sapphire is most effective and fastest acting gemstone if housed at accurate position in native chart.This blue color ravishing looking sapphire represents the ferocious planet Saturn which is confirmed to be strongest planet in solar family.If it is benevolent to user bless him/her with immense heath, wealth, mental peace, prosperity.

Saturn is an extensive powerful planet which in fraction of time can change its subscriber live drastically either in positive way or negative.It enitrely bank on Saturn current position in horoscope of a person.Blue Sapphire is genetically represents the vengeful planet Saturn which induces to control the negative effect of this stone or promote the effect of Saturn in horoscope respective in either way according to Saturn position in horoscope

So these are benefits of wearing blue sapphire stone for Capricorn ascendant.However to obtain advantageous of this stone accurately a person should take the advice of an astrologer.

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