Advantages of exercising on a mat

May 27th 2015 at 3:25 AM

It is only after buying an exercise mat that your exercise kit would become complete. You have dress and footwear but you don’t have a mat to exercise. You exercise either on grass or on your carpet. Both grass and carpet aren’t suitable for exercising.

Why you need an exercise mat?

It isn’t a luxury, if you think so. It is a necessity that you don’t know. When you exercise, you move your body in different directions but your feet remain on floor or ground, if you are exercising in a park. If the floor is slippery or the ground uneven, it would be difficult for you to keep your feet firm on the floor or ground. There are chances that you might slip and fall down while exercising.

The exercise mat would make the surface comfortable. It would allow you to put your feet firm on the surface. It would make an even surface for exercising. It is like a regular mat but with different uses. It is a little bit thicker than a regular rug as it contains an extra layer of foam. This mat can be fixed on floor for convenience.

Size of an exercising mat

It could be of any size. If you go to gymnastic stadiums, you would find that they use large customized mats made of ply and rubber. These mats are used by gymnasts. But you don’t need turning your home into a gymnastic stadium as you can buy a medium size portable mat for your needs.

Cost of a mat

Cost of foam tumbling mats varies from $150 $250. Actual price of a mat is determined on its size, thickness, color and durability. But it is the size that matters most as all the mats are durable. An exercising mat can be washed with regular detergent to keep it clean.

These mats come in foldable designs for convenience of the user. For instance, you want to take your mat to the nearby park for exercising. In this situation, you would want to fold the mat and carry it in your bag. If it is foldable, you would be able to carry the mat in a hassle free manner.

If you go a gym, you would find that gym members are provided foam tumbling mats for exercising. Or the members are asked to bring their own mats for exercising in the gym. In short, you simply can’t think of exercising without an exercising mat.

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