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About Packaging Items

Oct 3rd 2015 at 1:36 AM

When you think “packaging”, the first thing that pops into your mind is a big cardboard box. While that it entirely correct, there is more to it than just a cardboard box. Packaging material actually covers a very wide range based on the requirement of the product to be packed. For example, you have custom foam inserts for delicate gadgets to prevent them from damage due to impact. There are bubble wrap bags for fragile items and heavy duty boxes for heavy and big stuff.

Packaging, in fact, is in itself a huge industry that constantly caters to the varying needs of other industries in the field of packaging. This industry also has made its presence known with packers and movers. If you’ve ever relocated to a new place, then you know that one has to buy packing boxes to do things right.

It is surprisingly fascinating to see that the industries of manufacturing and packaging have so well intertwined with each other that it gets difficult to tell them apart. While something is being manufactured, it simultaneously gets packaged in some cases, while in other cases the packaging is assembled manually by the factory crew. Taking the example of potato chips, first, the potatoes get sliced and baked, then flavours are added, and by the time the conveyor belt finishes its voyage, custom packets are ready to be filled and sealed. It gets difficult to draw the line between manufacturing and packaging processes sometimes. In a similar way, the same thing happens with electronic gadgets. These might be packed manually at the end because of the requirement of custom foam inserts.

If you’re relocating or looking for something to pack your things in for any other reason, there is a necessity of properly thinking through the kind of packaging you will need. This is because it is your own stuff getting packed, and you don’t want it damaged because of your carelessness. What you need to ask yourself first is what you need to get packed. If it is a refrigerator, you need a heavy duty box, and if it is your pillows and bed covers, a simple cardboard box will do. The next question to consider is how far your boxes will be travelling. You’re certainly not sending them around the world in 80 days, so choose something that will last for the journey and that it should be enough.

Storage is the next concern. You’re buying the boxes – they occupy space even when flattened. Choose the kind that can be neatly stacked up or arranged within each other so that managing them becomes easier for you. The next is budget. Ideally, this should have been the first thing to consider, but the fact that damaged items will cause more expenditure makes the box cost look economical. After all your boxes are bought and stuff packed, do not forget about taping them tight. This should take care of your packaging needs.

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Gloria Stephan is an expert of packaging and design. She loves writing informative articles about her field and recommends as the number one name to trust if you are looking for packaging solutions like bubble wrap bags, custom foam inserts and more.

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