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Samstores is your one stop shop for a variety of 110 Volts and 220 Volts household appliances for North America and 220 Volts for Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Australia and dual voltage goods for all over the world.
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A Look at Today’s Innovative Multisystem LCD TV

Oct 15th 2015 at 10:33 PM

LCD technology has been used in TVs for more than a decade, and it has improved viewing quality and experience tremendously. Multisystem LCD TVs are some of the most innovative products that you should consider if you want to expand your viewing horizon to shows that are made in different formats. Investing in a multisystem LCD TV makes sense if you like to watch shows from other countries via satellite. Likewise, it can be handy if you are thinking of migrating or moving to another country soon. You can buy multisystem TVs from an online store that specializes in selling a wide range of 220 volt home appliances.

Multisystem LCD TVs display images in pixels or picture elements. Their resolution can be determined by the number of pixels in a display. A conventional LCD can display a range of pixels from hundreds of thousands to millions, with the higher number being capable of displaying better resolution and image quality. LCD TVs come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, but they are usually designed to a 16:9 display ratio to make them ideal for widescreen viewing from DVDs and shows airing on TV.

The multisystem technology lets you watch shows in different formats, whether it is in PAL or NTSC. Some LCD TVs can play SECAM signals, too. Most multisystem LCD TVs are 220 volts, but you can still run them in 110 volt outlets with an appropriate converter. There are a number of innovative features that come with modern multisystem LCD TVs. For starters, the brighter and sharper display allows for more realistic and accurate images. This is because LCD displays rely on pixels while conventional CRT TVs use a tube to project the display. The same technology of projecting images make multisystem LCD TVs flicker free because there is a constant light source for the entire screen. Once the pixel is on, it stays on (unlike in CRT monitors where the screen is periodically refreshed with a ray of light that moves down the screen).

Multisystem LCD TVs are 65 percent more energy efficient than a CRT TV. Their low power consumption can help save energy and lower your electricity bills while enabling you to protect and help the environment. Most LCD TVs are slim and lighter, so they are easier to carry, transport, and set up. This design makes them versatile to be set up almost anywhere, as long as it is a stable surface. You have the option to mount them on the wall to ensure viewing comfort, too, as long as you have the appropriate wall mounting bracket.

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Peter Perira is the managing director of SamStores, which is one the largest distributors for household Electronic Goods, we Guarantee the infrastructure to offer you nothing but the best in quality of products and after sales service.

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