A list of things you should avoid doing to your beard

Jul 21st 2015 at 10:24 PM

When you manage to grow a good looking full beard, you owe it to yourself to take care of it and treat it with respect. You might not think that way if for you facial hair comes easy. However, those men who take months (even years) to grow a beard to be reckoned with know what I’m talking about. When you have taken such a long time to achieve the full-bearded look you want, any slight mistake with it could undo all your hard work. Besides what you decide to do with your beard, it’s even more important to pay attention to what you shouldn’t do with it. Among the things you should never do is to cut your beard in ornamental designs like what Ludacris (the rapper) used to have on in the 90s. Such designs look immature, they put women off and if your barber is not very good, you won’t like the result very much. Only shrubs and trees should be trimmed in an ornamental manner.

It’s also a mistake to just let your beard grow out. A lot of men experiment with this look from time to time, just to see how far their beards will grow out and how they will like it. They then tire of it really fast because they realise that looking presentable when you have an untidy beard is almost impossible. Your beard needs nurturing, defined boundaries and equal length. Even with a long beard, you can achieve a neat look with the use of good beard grooming products. If you are growing a moustache for instance, you can use moustache wax to define its shape. To order some moustache wax, check moustache wax, Australia, online. Speaking of tidiness, you should never allow food remains to get stuck in your beard. Food pieces and sauce will get caught up in there and if your friends are not kind enough to tell you, it could really get very embarrassing.

Do not, ever, accessorise your beard. Accessories belong on hair (women’s hair, for that matter), never on a man’s beard. As well, do not braid your beard no matter how long it is. If you ever get the urge to braid it, it’s time to trim it down. Lastly, avoid shaving mistakes such as trimming off the parts that have a fuller appearance. This is for the simple reason that any little hair you leave on your face tends to distract from other wonderful structural qualities that your face may have. It’s also not such a great look to shape your beard into a point. Most shaving mistakes such as shaving the side burns too low or shaving too angular on the neckline as though you are sculpting, happen because you aren’t very good with a shaving kit. If you are really good at taking care of your beard, you can buy a beard grooming kit and be your own stylist. Otherwise, a weekly visit to your barber ought to keep your beard looking fresh.

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