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A Healthy Baby is a Happy Baby

Feb 2nd 2014 at 11:15 PM



When it comes to parent’s upbringing their children in a safe and healthy manner, it isn’t less than a challenge. Birthing classes in Gilbert, Arizona guide parents in raising healthy babies. There are different attributes which contribute to a baby’s health, discussed below:

Feeding Pattern

Research has validated what mothers knew from centuries long. The best food, as told to mothers in birthing classes in Gilbert, Arizona for your infant to grow healthy is breast milk. This is so because it adapts to the growing needs of the baby. It provides all necessary nutrients and protects the baby from infections. It has many benefits like, reducing likelihood of illness, cold and diarrhea. It also reduces the risk of allergies and is essential for the baby up to 6 months at least.

Eating Pattern

As your baby crosses 6 months, you need to introduce various mashed vegetables for their well nourished development and growth. Buy and utilize disposable bibs to protect their clothes. As a baby grows, their diet gradually increases and you need to introduce them to different textures and flavors. Birthing classes Gilbert Arizona confirm that babies who are fed at proper time intervals and are introduced to new flavors develop a better taste in later life and are healthier than babies who are not introduced to anything other than milk or given insufficient food. Mothers need to watch the changing habits of their babies closely and understand when they require food and when it is enough.

Sleep Pattern

Research suggests that for babies to grow healthier and display calm behavior proper sleep is necessary. Your baby must be getting minimum of 15-18 hours of sleep daily, as birthing classes in Gilbert, Arizona tell mothers. Babies sleep in short intervals of an hour or two at the most. Also, as your baby grows their sleeping requirement decreases gradually a little by little. Birthing classes in Gilbert, Arizona ask mothers to ensure that they know the sleeping requirement of infants equal to their baby’s age to evaluate if he/she is getting proper sleep. Infants who have disturbed sleeping patterns or sleep in noisy surroundings display irritated behavior and may cry unnecessarily. To ensure your baby stays sound asleep install baby monitors.

Parents Attitudes towards Their Child

How parents treat and respond to their children affects largely on their health and attitudes. Babies brought up with care and love, are calmer and happier compared to those who don’t get enough affection from their parents. For babies to bond with their Prenatal Classes Gilbert Arizona, suggest parents should respond to their babies with affection.


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