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6 Facts about Flameless Candles

Apr 22nd 2015 at 5:18 AM

Nowadays people are more concerned about the environment and have invented many gadgets, machines and even home décor products. Flameless candles are one of the products which have set a mark of being the most innovative of all. They are known for their wide range of features out of which the basic facts are:

1. Flameless: As the name says, flameless candles have no connection with fire at all. They a designed for a realistic appearance but still it has the looks that give us the illusion of fire. They are added with a flickering effect which offers the exact same look like a flame in a breeze. Fitted with a spring and a yellow LED bulb, they have the features to duplicate the appearance of a real candle. The light falls on the leaf shaped paper which acts like a flame but without the heat and smoke.

2. Realistic: To make them as realistic as possible, they are made from wax as well as resin. This gives them the texture of a real candle. The yellow dim light and the flickering affect also give them the natural touch. From a distance, you will never be able to differentiate them from realistic candles as they exactly look the same. The shape and size of this candle is also carved in a way to make it as realistic as possible.

3. No mess: The main thing about this candle is that it is safe for all kinds of environment. As there is no flame involved there is no risk of fire and as there is no fire there is no emission of smoke as well. They are made using wax but do not melt due to lack of heat. You can place them anywhere you want without fear of creating mess of melting wax.

4. Weather proof: The lack of flame makes this candle ideal for placing outside your home. They can be called weather proof because even extreme wind will not be able to extinguish the light from these candles. Sprinkle of water is also not enough to put out the radiance.

5. Durable: With no melting of wax, they will certainly offer you as long term service. Operated by a battery, they can be lit up for 800 hours. All the parts required to manufacture these candles are of world class standards which gives them the feature of durability. As long as you don’t keep it away from flame and heat, they will keep lighting up your home.

6. Personalization: If you want to have a candle light dinner with your family, nothing can be better than the luminosity of these candles. The can create a romantic peaceful ambience around your home in an instant. These beautiful fancy candles also come in a variety of sizes and colors from which you can chose the exact look for your bedroom, verandah and living room.


Cadence has transformed the people’s views towards candles. They also offer antique candle stands so that you can give the flameless candles a specific place in your house. They are ideal for every home and for any concept of interiors as they are safe and merge well with every setting. Festivals and parties can be made a happening one with these candles. If you don’t have the use of the light, you can simply keep the candle as a decorative.

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