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Your National Flag In Your Work Area

Nov 20th 2011 at 9:22 AM

Good day everyone. I was told about this story and I was shocked to find out that things are still like this to this day.

There is this guy that works as temp in factory that makes parts for a very popular automotive brand, that happens to be owned by a foreign company that’s obviously doing operations here in the USA. He is a younger guy upper 20′s, hard working guy who shows up to work everyday, he does what he is told despite the nature of the job and the 10-12 hours days he has to work. This guy has served in the Military, he did a tour in Afghanistan and was luckyenough to come back home a proud American in one piece.

Now many of us who are working and who may be working many hours, many hours away from home, from your loved ones, we may take some sort of memorabilia to our work site that could a picture, a quote of some kind or an ornament souvenir type object that reminds us of a special someone, family, friend etc….to help you get through the day easier. You know what I mean? Well, this poor guy he work as an operator on an automatic line, he is by himself doing his thing 90% of the time he is at work. All he did was hang a little American Flag (the one’s that hangs on the little stick) on his machine where he could see it everyday while he worked. Now, I don’t know this company’s policy on issues like this, but this guy was told by his supervisor who happens to by american to remove his flag from his work area. We all follow orders by our superiors at work, i’m sure that guys supervisor had a superior who wasn’tAmerican. Giving the fact that this a foreign owned company whose name I’m unable to disclose.

Can you imagine how this guy is feeling especially after putting his life on the line to fight for this country. Yes, i’m sure he was thankful for the work opportunity in these rough economic times, but still, come on, it’s a tiny flag.

Company..if you respect the USA so much to bring your business here, what harm will this Little flag do?

Did the supervisor had some sort of bad feelings against this guy?

Who knows, what do you think? How would you feel if this happened to you? What would you do?

You know what this guy did? He was so proud and had so much respect for his country despite his rough financial issues.

He ended up quitting.


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