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"Your Brain Keeps You Poor."

Oct 14th 2010 at 7:05 AM

            Door-to-Door Sales Whisperer Says:

                   "Your Brain Keeps You Poor.”

By Bill Hamnet Wall        


     In the book, Iconoclast. a neuroscientist reveals how to think differently. by Gregory Berns, he says, "Did you know that when you see the same thing over and over again your brain expends less and less energy? Your mind already knows what it's seeing, so it doesn't make the effort to process the event again." Maybe this efficient neurological short cut accounts for man's natural affinity for the status quo, for inaction in the face of change, for certainty where none exists, the facile ossification of ideas into dogma, by means of "expending less and less energy" on questioning beliefs once they become familiar.

     I’ve know insurance agents who would rather change professions than change their mind, fail by doing what they know than suffer any contact with new ideas. Deepak Chopra, a well known insurance guru, (actually a medical doctor and naturopath) said, “People fear the unknown; what they should fear is the known.” The reason his assertion is true is because we put more “energy” into seeing things a new way. We actually see the unknown more clearly than what is familiar. Mystery requires more vision than certainty does. How does this relate to sales? In one important way. Lack of sales is often not the company’s fault or even the product’s fault but the packaging, delivery, and poor vision of the salesperson.    

     The sooner you blame other people, the more time they have to fix your problem. This is the normal mental shortcut that people use to explain why life is painful, why the status quo can be miserable. Blame is the mental valium that dulls the discomfort of staying the same. Well, let me give you one word of encouragement from a very unlikely source: the hereditary king of Ephesus, a philosopher of the highest order circa 500 BC, Heraclitus said,                                       

                           “In change, things rest.”    

     If you think of change as a way to rest, as a way to put “low energy” thinking to bed, it’s a lot less scary to do. Our conscious mind needs repose, right? Dreams are obviously necessary for mental health. Dreams are to the conscious mind what change is to our thought process: an essential and natural path of renewal. Here’s one more little boost. I have this quote of mine affixed to the wall:                 


                   To avoid the pain of improving                

                    will also kill the pleasures of growing.

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