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Wrestling Alligators and Climbing Mountains!

May 24th 2011 at 4:32 PM

Before you start scratching your head and wondering what Sam is up to, please hear me out first. There are no links to click or fancy programs to sign up for, I just thought with all the talk the last few days about how some people achieve success and others, for whatever the reason seem to just hang around long enough to get frustrated, discouraged and finally they are gone. I have used the anology for years even in the conventional business world long before the Internet was a tool or platform to build a business. First and Foremost, Success is a journey and not a destination as we have all heard, not sure who the author of that quote was, but it is so true. If you have taken an across country trip, the most fun and excitement is in the trip to your final destination. We go through a lot of un-knowns during the trip and it keeps the trip interesting. Building a business is virtually the same as we will see in the next paragraph or two. So, here goes!

1) What is Your Alligator? I call these the invisible creatures that either help in the process or hinder the process, as they do for most people. "I do not deserve great success". "Who am I to think I can build a successful business?" "I can't, I am not sure, I have never, How do I, What do I do to start?" It goes on and on for a lot of people and I contend that most people have these kind of Alligators to wrestle in the beginning and sometime even later on. I sincerely believe that the single biggest battle that most people go through is, "What will THEY think or say?" Well, the last one is easy, Who Cares What that Group of People Called They think or say. My opinion is simple, When they start paying my bills, then their opinion may start to matter. So, the big question is, "How does a person get their attitude to the point that success is theirs if they will only keep on keeping on and either move the mountain, go around it, over it, under it or plow through it?" Well, we have to start believing in our selves. I even talk to my self,, crazy huh? Ever talk to yourself? "Sam, you were designed for success. I have what it takes to succeed. Inch by inch, any thing is a cinch. I will master the building of this business. There is nothing that can stop me. My God supplies all my needs and I need to succeed." Sounds kind of silly, I know, BUT HERE IS A SECRET FOR YOU, YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED UNTIL YOU BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF AND BELIEVE YOU CAN SUCCEED AND BELIEVE YOU DESERVE IT. One of my favorite things to do is keep a 3 by 5 card close at hand. On that 3 by 5 card are several statements that I read every day. What I want to do, etc. We all live the way we see our selves and believe it or not, we are today where we saw ourselves yesterday. When you start believing in your self, others will to. Hopefully this will not cause you to leave with out finishing, but I see this as a mental or spiritual battle.

2) What is Your Mountain? Once you know that you know, for most people there is still a mountain and for most people that mountain is money. How do I get the money to join that site or advertise? I highly encourage people to start where you are financially and do what you can afford to do and not let the gurus talk you into spending money that you don't have. If you cannot afford a web site, then use a free blog at, They Are Free. No advertising budget, surf free traffic exchanges, try craigs list, there are numerous free places to start with. Even try some pay to click sites to start bulding a little investment money. Slowly but surely and keep re-investing back in to your primary business. Most of the marketing tools have a free version to start with. As soon as you have $10 or $15 a month to play with, upgrade in your favorite site or exchange and then advertise it like crazy, have it paying for itself with referral fees as quick as you can. Just remember, It is you that are keeping the score. Never upgrade in anyting to impress others, it is your future, not theirs. Inch by Inch, day by day. Get close to a group of guys and gals that you can trust for advice. In the conventional business world, when Deb and I were building our business, we had a Master Mind of business leaders that I personally talked with occassionally. The did not know that is how I saw them, but they were any way. They were all successful in their chosen businesses. If you surf traffic exchanges, I would highly encourage you to talk to people in the chat rooms, go to free webinars. Listen to the people that are where you want to be. I would first and foremost recommend Traffic Exchange Live, google it. You will be welcomed with open arms. Listen to the sucess stories, listen to what they had to over come, their challenges, you will quickly discover that you have a lot in common with most. If it takes you a little longer than some others, who cares, as long as you stay in the game and do something every day. Taking some kind of action every day, relieves a lot of stress and frustrations, we all have been there.

I sincerely hope and pray that this helps you. Your success is totally in your hands and Taking Action Every Day will overcome a lot of things that we all face. Just Do Something, goes a long way, whether you feel like it or not! May God Bless You and Your Marketing Efforts and we look forward to your success story.

Your Texas Partners,

Sam and Deb Burgess

Skype: SamDebTexas


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