Why Organizations Use Big Data Hadoop Lake?

Jun 8th 2015 at 12:20 AM

Life before Big Data Hadoop was all about data warehousing technology. Applications were tightly coupled with their databases. Analysts used reporting tools to capture business intelligence from the data warehouse. But when Hadoop was introduced, there was a paradigm shift. Applications provided the fodder, or the data to this technology. MapReduce jobs are a household name now. ETL and Hadoop is integrated into traditional data warehousing infrastructure.

What is Hadoop data lake?

This is often a terminology that many Big Data aspirants have come across, but unsure about. Essentially, a data lake is a repository that stores objects. Rather, it holds data using object oriented paradigms. The fun thing about data lake is that it can hold information in its native format! Wow – that is something! In fact, it can store vast amounts of such unstructured data – and hence the name Data Lake.

Some amazing these that can be done using Data Lake of Hadoop

This is some interesting information for Big Data Hadoop aspirants.

Store tons and tons of data The underlying technology called the HDFS, distributes file allocation. So any amount of data will fit and at a reasonable cost. To churn out more space, add more clusters. It's that simple.

Combine disparate or varied sources of data HDFS has no schema. So there is no classification restrictions. It is schema on the fly! From structured, to semi-structured; from binary sensor information to machine logs; anything and everything can be stored. Traditional databases cannot store this type of data. That is why this technology is revolutionary and the talking point in town.

Data ingestion This is a technological construct that allows the processing of data as it is loaded. A loading operation is configured so that additional processing is performed, transformation of formats is achieved, creation of metadata happens in parallel, ranges captured, and so on. It is a truly mind-boggling technology. Already feeling excited?

Data ingestion is a technology that goes one step further. It can ingest high velocity data too. There are types of data that have to be ingested with velocity. Traditional databases are too slow for this. HDFS does it.

Phew! There's a lot more!

Big Data is itself a vastly expanding IT discipline. There is more to be done. Every day researchers are upgrading the IT discipline with new innovation. Big Data Hadoop being the fulcrum of this IT discipline, learning it means expanding one's professional horizons.

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