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Why Complain?

Jul 16th 2013 at 8:31 AM


Why Complain?

Do You Fnd Yourself Constantly Complaining?

How does it make you feel?
You probably don’t feel tremendously happy and at ease.
Here’s the reason........
Complaining serves no purpose.
Some people feel the need to complain in order to express their dissatisfaction about some circumstance or situation that have occurred in which they are not pleased about.
But why complain?
When you think about it, what does complaining really accomplish?
Nothing! Nothing at all.
Does complaining solve the problem? No
So why complain?
Complaining is a negative emotion and negative emotions brings about  negative behavior that will in turn set off a chain reaction of cause and effect.
Complaining reinforces the negative thoughts about that which you are displeased with into your mind over and over. Complaining just replays the occurrence repeatedly in your thoughts to the point where it can create frustration.
The frustration begins because your mind now believes that the problem is a huge problem that will not go away.
Your mind is now convinced that the problem is so huge that the only way to get relief….. is to verbalize the dissatisfaction by complaining.
Complaining just keeps validating the problem in your mind.
Plus complaining just makes you feel worse because it brings along a host of other negative emotions anger, hopelessness, fear, bitterness, etc.
Complaining just keeps your thoughts and emotions going in circles, never bring you any true relief because the problem has not been solved and you still feel a sense of dissatisfaction.
So the next time you feel the urge to constantly complain,
Stop! And think……
Complaining is not the solution
Always be in the solution never focus on the problem.
For every problem there is a solution
If you are dissatisfied about any situation take time to think and find a solution and then take thoughtful action toward the solution
….... soon the problem will just vanish.
Then you will feel a sense of satisfaction. :)

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