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3 years ago

Why 75 Percent of Internet Marketers Fail?

Sep 24th 2010 at 9:13 AM

The numbers are staggering and there’s nothing you can do about it!. Over 75 percent of Internet marketers or Internet home business owners fail to make money on the Internet. By failing, I mean they simply spend more money than they earn. This doesn’t bode very well for any new person hoping to make honest money on the Internet. And, any “business” that loses more money than it makes is doomed to failure.

The funny thing is that there are lots of people still wasting money on Programs and Products, years after they began their careers as Internet marketers. They work a program for a while, then jump to another. This program hoping becomes a habit, and every new program brings hope that “this is THE program that is finally going to make money for me.”

The truth is that the Program is not going to make the money for you! You don’t make money on the Internet by joining programs. You make money on the Internet by developing the skills to Advertise, Market, and Promote Programs!! I like using this quote from my Guru

Mike Dillard. “It is not WHAT you sell. It is HOW you sell it! Period!

And, when you develop these skills, you can make money from almost any Program you choose. It took me few months to learn this. But, I consider myself very fortunate. There are those who have been in Internet marketing for a several years, but have yet to learn this valuable lesson. The worst that I have seen in any social websites is in Facebook. Newbies pitch so much on how to make money, endless opportunities and the like but they have forgotten to offer solution to these 75% who are dying to make a dime!

Let’s face it, there are a lot of Programs that tell you that you can make thousands of dollars every month. Their ads are very enticing: beautiful women lying on beaches, expensive sports cars parked in front of big house, the happy young couple that quit their jobs and have doubled their income working from home, etc. No doubt picture tells a thousand words…

BUT, what these ads fail to tell you is what YOU get when you get inside the programs. So, you give your name and e-mail address just to have a look inside. Then, once you get inside you are given a corporate website to advertise. But, it’s the same website that thousands of others are also provided. Furthermore, the majority of these offers cost money just to join. And, you learn that as you progress through their materials.

These Programs purposefully create transparency! They don’t let you know up-front what you are getting into. You learn what you are getting into by spending money. That’s no way to build your business!!

There is no way you should spend money just to join a program. How many times have you joined a program that you thought was free… only to find out later that having the “free” version wasn’t as good as having the “paid” version. Or, simply finding out later that the big money could only be made if you invested let’s say $197 for some other Program or Product. So, here you are again, reaching for your credit card and wasting your money for some promise of success! At the end of the day you ended up with “information overload”!

Hundreds of email on ads from the FREE program are in your in box. The other major problem you face is how to effectively Advertise, Market, and Promote your new program! As I already mentioned, this is critically important to your Internet marketing business. How do you drive large amounts of targeted traffic to your new ‘corporate’ website?

Not until late 2009, you could do what a lot of Internet marketers did to grow their business throughout the years. You could use Google AdWords to advertise your program for a small price. In other words, you could learn how to develop a pay-per-click campaign.

However, as Google got bigger, they have changed their operating philosophy. They want to make their “user’s experience” valuable, so that their “users” keep coming back. One of the major changes they made last year was to ban “corporate” websites. They know that there are thousands of people using the same websites. In their view, they lack originality and do not give a positive “user” experience.

Here we are again. How easy it is if you know how to create your own website? No matter what kind of online business you are promoting on the internet, you definitely need a website. Period!

So, how do you Advertise, Market, and Promote your ‘corporate business’ website. You can use the Traffic Exchanges and Safelist services that are available. But, all you are really doing is competing against other similar Internet marketers for time, space and attention.

This is no way to drive high-volume targeted traffic to your website; at least not successfully enough to turn a profit.

Since I’ve already mentioned the old way of using pay-per-click to advertise on Google effectively; let me point out the other way of advertising or marketing on Google. When you are looking for something using the Google search engine, you simply type in a search phrase. For example, let’s say that you have a problem with your dog always barking at your neighbors. So, you type ‘dog barking at neighbors’ into the search box. You are then taken to page offering solutions to your problem.

On the outer, and sometimes top, portions of the page you will ‘sponsored’ search. These are ads that Internet marketers are paying for.

These are the pay-per-click ads that I mentioned earlier. In the center left part of the page are the ‘organic search’ results. Do a search and click on both type of ads. The one thing you will not see is a ‘corporate’ website.

You will see that these are all personal professional websites that Internet marketers and larger companies have created. This is why you need your own professional business website… it works!

The Key to Getting Listed on Google’s First Page is learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO)…

…”Google loves WordPress blogs!” I heard this many times, and often wondered what exactly this meant.

I started using WordPress in October 2009 and I immediately developed an appreciation for why this statement is so true. First of all, WordPress offers the INDUSTRY STANDARD in website/blog creation. It’s now the ‘Microsoft’ of website/blogs.

First of all, it has tons of easy-to-use ‘what you see is what you get’ templates’ so you do not need to know anything about “CSS” or “HTML” or any other programs to create a site. It’s user interface is very similar to Microsoft Word.

And, secondly, WordPress is supported by hundreds of extremely valuable, yet free, Plugins; many of which are dedicated to SEO. It’s simply unbelievable. So, in conclusion… because I want you walk away with this thought… Using a WordPress hosted site does 50 percent of the Advertising, Marketing and Promotion for you!

Yes, by simply using a WordPress hosted site you are already well on your way to effectively Advertising, Marketing and Promoting your site and driving free highly targeted traffic to your business website.

Oh, and that other problem of advertising your ‘corporate’ website; well that’s solved as well. All you need to do is write a review on a program and include your affiliate link to your corporate website; and you can advertise that as well.

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