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Who is Greg Hill ( MY4RE )

Oct 29th 2010 at 6:21 AM

Who is Greg M Hill

Born 1954 in the small logging town on the West
Coast  of Aberdeen, Wa.. I was the oldest of 4, my
siblings were two sisters and a younger brother.
My name given me was Christian by my mother, but
change by my father to Gregory.
My early childhood years I grew up where my parents
grew up. In a small fishing community on a small
Island in the San Jaun Islands called Anacortes.
Anacortes was a boom town in the late1800s with
13 shingle mills 10 to 15 canneries,one of which was
the 3rd largest in the world then, employing over 3000
Chinese. My roots are deep here on my fathers side.
My great great Grandfather owned property here and
grew Ginseng to sell to the Chinese who worked in
the canneries.

On my mothers side they were transplants from
California and settled here in the late 30s.
Most of my early growing up years I recall now at
age 57 are not as easy to recall, until I was in my
early teens.
The things I do remember the most are of
Christmases time spent with my Grand parents
and attending church with my mom and dad
and grand parents.
Also spending a lot of time at my mothers childhood
home where my grand father had built a trailer park
that was on a hill side over looking the large cannery
where the Chinese worked and where the
Wa State Ferries docked to take others to the San
Jaun Islands.I spent a lot of time on the beach with
family BBQs and swimming in the cold water.
This is where my mother spent most of her time
growing up,it was very private.I did a lot of exploring
the old cannery buildings which are no longer there.
I still know of secrete places where there are Chinese
artifacts that know one knows about and ocasionally
go there to find nice old pottrey pieces.

One Summer while staying at with my Grand parents
trailer park which was called Sunset Trailer Park,
I was helping my grandfather clear a trailer space
where a new trailer was going to go. He would scrap
off the grass with his tractor bucket that he had made
himself and put the saud where there was no grass.
I was standing the bucket of the tractor when he was
scraping the grass and put my left index finger in the
wrong place which smashed it off. I was only 9 years
old then. I recall my grand fathers face when I  held up
my hand and showed him. His Face turned white as a
ghost and he jumped off the tractor leaving it still
running. We had about 2 blocks to walk to get back
to the house that he had moved about 1/4 mile up the
hill from the beach with a team of horses rolling it on
logs where it rested. He yelled to my grand mother
call the hospital and tell them what happen.
This accident effected his life in such a way I never
knew about or understood until one day when I was
in my 30s and he called me to tell me that he had cut
off his finger on the table saw and that we were even
finally. I will tell you more of how this changed my life
too as you continue to read about me.

A Call to Worship

Attending Church is one of the most things that stand
out in my early years, I wanted to know more as most
children do when they are at an impressionable age.

I excepted the Jesus as my personal Savior  at age13. 
The date was February 5th 1967 went I became one
of His redeemed. I was taught about salvation from my
mother as early as I can remember. The old time
Gospel music we sang on sundays touch my heart so
deeply,I wanted go to sing my heart out about His love
for us. I couldn't wait until the next Sunday to be at
chruch to sing with my church family again.
I recall every time that we wet to my grand mothers
home she would see us coming and start playing the
piano, It's funny but she would always play the Song
" I've Got a Mansion " She was a very good piano player
and so was my Mother. So when I was young they both
encouraged me to play the piano and I did.God had
given me a gift to play by ear and I would pick up and
play most everthing I heard. I never knew really the great
gift of music God had given me until I was in my late 20s
after I was married.

At age 10 we moved to Seattle for a short time because
of my fathers work being in the finance business,a loan
officer and Capital Finance, he was  abranch manager.
He came home one night with a guitar for me. Being that
my left finger was still healing for the accident he said I
should try to learn playing the guitar. I think he did this
because the Doctor had told me I wouldn't be able to play
the piano any more because I lost this finger. This was
not a good thing to tell a young child of 9 then. But at
the same time it just made me want to prove the Doctor 
wrong. It took over 6 months to completely heal up the
end of my finger which was gone at the second knuckle.
So I started to practice the guitar when ever I had the
time in my room. I would listen to the music on the radio
and copy what I heard.

We moved back to Anacortes when I was12 and was I ever
so happy about that, as I didn't like the schools there and
had lost contact with all my best friends I grew up with from
school in Anacortes.But things were getting ready to change
for me, little did I know. We moved back to Anacortes
because my grandfather who owned the trailer park had
asked my father to be partners in a new venture, they
were going to bring a New Toyota dealership in Anacortes.
It was 1967, I was 13. School was getting fun and I was back
in with my old friends again. Then suddenly in the middle of
the 7th grade just before Christmas I was told we were
moving again. This time to Montana... Montana !!!!
You mean where cowboys and Indians are is said. What
a blow to my plans and to my first ever girlfriend I had just
met at church. Not to mention moving just before Christmas.
I didn't want to go period. I think it was the first time in my life
that I thought my parents were the worst people on this earth
and didn't care about me or love me. But I had no choice.


We arrived in Missoula, Montana just as my father had said.
It was before Christmas with a 47 mi.per hr. wind and
blowing snow. Our first home there was the Avenue Motel.
Wow it had a swimming pool but frozen solid.
I remember we stayed there until mid summer as the
swimming pool became the place where I spent much
of my time during the Hot weather and there were a lot
of girls there. I had turned 14 and my hormons were racing
by then.Finally my dad found a place for us to live.
It was called Hell's canyon where the Clarke's fork river
ran through, it was also call East Missoula. I was finally
starting to make a few friends but wasn't easy, it was a rough
part of town with 3 bars and a truck stop. My first friends
I met were some twins named Mike and Marvin Mace,
they had a younger brother Timmy who I met first and he told
them about me. My first encounter with them was when I
was on the way to the little store that was on a street called
Speedway. As I was crossing a field I ran into them and
they wanted to test me for some reason and that ment
pick a fight to see how tough I was, especially since there
was 2 aginst one. Well after I scrap with the bigger one
who was Marvin and put him on the ground and made
him give up Mike didn't even try.We became good friends.
It was my first real fight and I was glad that I won.

The twins became a big part of my teenage years, we
fished in the Clarks Fork river and swam it, Climbed
Mt.Jumbo and went hunting for squarrles on the railroad
tracks that ran next to the river with our 22 rifles. Things
were starting change again as my Mother thought It was
time for me to work and make money, proably because
I was always asking her for some.I really didn't want to as
I was 14 and a half and that summer was going to be a
good time. But She had read a story in the Reader Digest
about how these boys had made a lot of money, and she
was going to make me Rich...doing the same thing and
that was all there was to it !!.
So that Summer of "67" my first Job was painting house
numbers on curbs and asking for donations. I did it with
the twins as I wasn't going to do it by myself, she got a
local paint company to supply the paint and had me go
to the city council to get permission to paint all house
numbers stating that it was easier for the fire department
to see the numbers. We were in the local News Paper
and TV News and had or special letter to present to
home owners if they had any problems with it. We made
a lot of money that summer and I got my first experience
with door to door sales. But only ask for donations.
Some donated alot some not at all and some called the
Police which did them no good.

The following year there were many youth that were
doing the same thing and the work didn't last into the
next year as they all had been painted.
My first real job was when I was 16, it was a booming
Beer and Pizza joint, I made 1.25 per hr washing
dishes and caring beer kages up the stairs to the
back door for the students that we attending Montana
State U. I went from dishwasher to pizza cook with a
raise of 50 cents. I worked there for 8 months and got
a different job working at a stake house as a fry cook,
it lasted for 6 months and then my parents got a divorce.
The Montana Bar life had taken it's toll on them or I
should say my father. We hadn't been going to church
for a long time. The divorce left our family split and
my mother got all of us and went back to Anacortes
leaving my father there with his beer buddies and
used car sales friends.
Again I didn't want to leave as I had a real girlfriend
this time and I was in love or was that in lust?Maybe
the latter now that I think about it. I wasn't quit 18 so
I had to go back with my mother. Again it was a
winter move and my grandfather came and got all
of us leaving my father with everything. My mom
wanted out and Now !!! We moved in with my
grand parents and all I was hearing was God this
and God that, they were Baptist from the south so
the hell fire and brimstone fell on Mom and me being
the oldest.

My escape back to Montana

The day after my 18th birthday I left one night leaving
a letter for my mom. I know she understood but with
great worry as I hitch hiked back to Montana to live
with my father and see my girlfriend.
I never got to finish my senior year so I never
graduated from High School. All that mattered was
my father was taking care of me and wasn't really to
be 100%on my own. He finally move back to
Washington state and I came with him to Tacoma.
Where we lived in a office room that was part of
Awfal Brothers Gas station on 6th and Pine.
He was the manager and I learn how to be a station
attendant and pump gas for others. I did this for
6 months and then moved back to Anacortes to see
if I could find a job that summer working on a fishing
boat. So I moved back to Anacortes with my father,
we lived in a small apartment that my Dads mother
had next to the alley. She found odd jobs for us
painting house from her friends, and when ever a
log ship would come into port my Dad and I got work
as a casual longshoreman loading log into a huge
ship. It was very dangerous work and if you got the
position to work inside the hull where they were
storing the logs you only have to work 4 hrs and got
paid for 8 and I liked that dangerous or not.

I was 19 now and still with out a good steady job,
but didn't care what I was going to do for a career.
So I just went on with life doing odd jobs here and
there for extra money when I needed it. During this
all this  time I had been Practicing the Guitar
everyday since I was 14 honing my skills with three
and a half fingers, in the back of my mind I wanted
like many teenagers in the early 70s to be a Rock
Star. I moved to Wenatchee Washington where my
mother was living at the time and pruned fruit trees,
picked fruit, played music and smoked a lot of Pot.
I realized that the life I was living wasn't taking me
anywhere and at the age of 20 I still had no career.
That Winter I got a job at Mission Ridge Ski Lodge
and learned to be a ridged ski lift operator, but 
again i was only seasonal work.

Well 25 years past I was married and got Divorced.

That was a different life. So I will skip that part of my

life,not worth talking about.

My father died November 2001 and left me with
some money just enough to get started again. I
really never had a good vacation in all the 25 years
that I was working to make a life for us. So after
my fathers funeral I went to Japan to meet a person
I had met on the internet and was helping with English.
I fell in love with Japan and with the Gal I met.
The plus was she knew about God and knows
Him personally. I cam back home after a week and
closed my construction business and went back for
2 weeks this time. I ask for her hand in Marriage
and it was excepted. I came home again finished
up some business and went back for a third time this
time for 3 months, while she gave her notice to the
company she had been working for for 20 years.
I work on the paper work for her perminate Green card
and finished it up it wasn't ease but worth it .
We got married Jan 10th 2002 in Japan.
We packed up her stuff and moved back to my
little town of Anacortes.

Time Flies

Starting over has been a challenge for me.
I'm thankful to GOD for the happiness He has
brought to my life after all those years. We bought

a used
home and I remolded it and things seemed to be
going well. Then 2 years ago our Economy
collapsed, the reason... plain and simple.....
By building business dropped of a cliff and hasn't
came back..yet I don't expect it to for 2 or 3 more
years and then maybe never again.
Thank God for my customer base I have created
over the past 30 years and Gods grace with allows
me to keep my home and pay my bills month to month.
So about  3 years ago before  this happened decided
the only way
I might survive in the future and have the opportunity to
make a retirement would be through technology and
the Internet, as this was and is the way of the future.

Here and Now

So here we are with a gold mine sitting in my hands
and only thing missing the is knowledge of
marketing this digital product  to others that keeps
stopping me from making my American Dream
come true, not just for me but for others who have
this dream too.In this Book that you are going to buy
is all the knowledge that you will need to see this
happen to you.
It's step by step instruction with videos that explain
everything about  how to free yourself and atain the
American dream.
It's a road map to that gold mine if you so choose.

Again.......My Name is Greg M Hill  and I want to
thank you for the time you spent learning about
my personal life of where I have been and now
where I am going in my4re.
I hope to see you at the next stop sign on the road
to success in your 4re.
May God Bless you and all that you ask for...

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