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When Demons Come Forth

Apr 29th 2013 at 7:25 PM

Today I had the pleasure to read another writers article on PTSD, or “Posttraumatic Stress Disorder” I hope he reads this and I hope it gives him some comfort although the statistics are quite alarming, there is away out of this horrendous illness and a return to what is considered a normal life by the mainstream, is possible. This is my story and my battle with PTSD from its causes upto my recovery.

Before I get to my personal battle with PTSD just a few statistics about this illness and please remember although I picked this up while serving in the military you do not have to be a soldier to suffer from it, people from all walks of life have been diagnosed with this affliction. Back in 2005 the Department of Veterans Affairs in the United States noted a 30% increase in veterans being diagnosed with PTSD. The suicide rate among men per 100,000 was 37 and in females it was 13 per 100,000. This number is just the reported cases and does not include those who have not been diagnosed or are living on the streets (there are many).

PTSD for want of a better explanation is a severe anxiety disorder that can and does develop after exposer to a traumatic event that then results in physical and or emotional trauma. This can then progress overtime (if not treated) overwhelm the individual's ability to cope to the point of suicidal faults or to causing harm to someone else (normally a loved one). During an attack a suffer may  re-experience the original trauma through flashbacks, hallucinations and nightmares. They can also display acute and unpredictable episodes of anger. Thats the official bit but what about me.

Leaving the military was for me quite an emotional time of my life but I settled down and started to lead what I though was a normal life (one of the bad things about this illness is that the person who is suffering from it does not know it himself, he or she has no idea what is going on, its the close family who normally pick up on it). Yes I had seen many terrible things that I will not get into but I thought I had handled them, I was wrong. Just how wrong would become apparent very soon.

Depression is the first thing I noticed (or was diagnosed with) and all the time I was filled with dread for no apparent reason, sometimes throwing me into great fits of rage for no apparent reason, I was one of the lucky ones my Wife and children stuck by me and I have them to be thankful for my recovery. Imagine one night waking because of screams then realizing it is because you have your hands around your wife’s neck. Imagine being dragged back in through a three story window completely naked by your wife. This is the event that got me hospitalized where they drugged me to the eyeballs to such an extent that I did not know where I was. Mix that with the electric shock treatments and the other chemicals you have a recipe for disaster. It was my wife who got me out of that hospital once she realized what they were doing and for that I will always be eternally grateful.

It was to take me many years to battle these demons and many years to come off the drugs that they had me on, but I did it, not alone but with the help of my family and a close friend. You see its easy to look back and wonder how this happened when you are drug free but it is another thing to recover completely knowing your limits and not doing anything that may set you off again. How did I recover so well? Quite simply by learning how to talk to someone you trust and getting rid of all the excess baggage that I had been carrying around for so long. Today I am drug free and it is because of my family and that one close friend. It is possible to recover from PTSD believe me, just be prepared to open up over a very long time. One word of warning to not stop taking any medication without first speaking to your doctor.

Hope this has helped someone even if it is just one person.

Credits: My family and that one close friend

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