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What You Need to Know About Smoking Salvia

Nov 29th 2015 at 9:56 PM

There are two main ways of taking salvia; through smoking and through chewing and leaving it in the mouth. When salvia is smoked, it is often smoked through a pipe and without using any tobacco. The smoke should be inhaled into the lungs and held for as long as possible often for a period of about half a minute. Whereas this may seem like a difficult feat if you have never smoked before, it is quite possible to do so without much practice. Additionally, for those who have smoked tobacco or any other smoking product before, you may be wondering if inhaling for this long may induce coughing. The truth is that it might, depending on your tolerance, but one way to reduce this effect is to smoke the salvia through a water-cooled device such as a bong. The great thing about using the bong is that you will be able to inhale a large amount of smoke into the lungs because the smoke inhaled will also be much cooler as opposed to using an ordinary smoking device. In essence, the cooler the smoke inhaled, the less the coughing effect you will get when smoking salvia.

The idea behind smoking a large volume of salvia and holding it in the lungs for a few seconds is that, if the salvia is not held in the lungs for the recommended period, the salvia will be wasted because it will not be absorbed by the body. Of course the more potent the salvia is, the effects are bound to be a little bit different, but this basic rule of thumb should be what you go by. For example, the effects of smoking salvia 5x will be quite different from that of smoking salvia 60x or even salvia 200x. By and large however, the effects should be felt after a period of about 2 minutes, depending on the volume inhaled and the frequency of the inhalation. The period it takes for the salvia to keep peaking in its effects will be for about 15 minutes after which the effects start reducing for a period of about 40 minutes. As mentioned the dosage of the salvia will determine the potency of the effects that the salvia will have on the user. Additionally, the tolerance of the user will have an effect on the user.


Ideally when smoking salvia, the user should be in a peaceful room, free from any interruption because the user will most likely have a very personal experience. That being said, the user should have a companion who they trust to sit in with them and help them take comfort in their experience because the experience can indeed be quite overwhelming. Furthermore, the state with which your mind is in as you take the salvia is quite important because, the state may be greatly amplified during the salvia trip. As such, you should not take the salvia when you are in a disturbed state, but instead you should only take the salvia when you are in a more peaceful and relaxed state of mind. Now that you know much more about salvia, you should look for the best place to buy salvia online.

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