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What s The Name of the Game...

Dec 12th 2010 at 4:13 AM

The answer is Monetization.   If you conduct some research on the Internet for what monetization actually means, you will be thrown up with a lot of definitions. Actually, monetization is an umbrella term for a lot of assorted things, but in a much generalized manner, we can say that monetization means making money out of things that people don’t usually consider money-worthy. For example, if you have an old collection of Archie’s Comics from your dad or your uncle and you are able to sell them for a tidy sum, you have monetized the collection or your blog. 

Monetization means making money out of ordinary things, in unexpected ways.

 It is quite easily understandable why people are going all out trying to monetize everything that is in their sight. Or, even out of sight. People are making money out of special talents that they have. If you have a special talent for math and are using it to tutor the neighbor’s kid for money, you are monetizing your talent. If you are writing a piece of content and selling it to someone, you are monetizing your flair for writing.

We are all very conscious of monetizing, but have probably never done it in an organized manner. Our occupations pay us, and we are usually content with what we get and don’t try to stick our necks out much. However, it is essential to know that there are several other things that we can make money out of. If we play our cards well, we can actually generate streams of passive income through things we set up once and enjoy the influx of money for our lifetime. That would be something like royalties on your products.

Monetization refers to what you can make money out of, over and above your usual profession. It is about your attempt, not the product’s worth. It is about how you understand a particular thing or talent is monetizable and then how you go about it.

I hope I was able to inspire you in a little way.

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