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What is Your Dream?

Jul 16th 2013 at 8:36 AM

What is Your Dream?

“If You Can Dream It. You Can Do It” (Walt Disney) A dream is a vision of your desires something that you long for to be a reality. Each person’s Dream is unique like a fingerprint, and for that reason, no one else has your same dream.
Your dream is uniquely designed and created in your mind with your imagination which is motivated by your desires and longings. Every person on earth was born with a Dream for his or her life.
(Bruce Wilkinson) “The Dream Giver”
Just like your personality traits are unique to whom you are…….. your dreams has been woven into your being from birth. (Bruce Wilkinson) “The Dream Giver”
Your dream was to draw you toward the kind of life you were born to love. (Bruce Wilkinson) "The Dream Giver"
Are You Living Your Dream?
Have you made your dream a reality?
Or did you give up and abandon your dream?
Sadly most people never made their dream a reality.
Somewhere along the way their thoughts got distracted off that Dream , they  stopped believing that is was possible to live their dream.
As time put obstacles in their path they just gave up and abandoned their Dream and live a life of unfulfilled dissatisfaction.
The worst part is that they don’t realize that their Dream is still there waiting for them to claim it.
Dreams don’t have an expiration date......  It is never too late to claim your dream and make them a reality. Once a Dream is created in your mind, it exist forever.
No one can claim your Dream. Your Dream stays waiting for you  because they exist in your mind and in your heart.
Awaken Your Belief....
Go back in your thoughts when you first thought about your Dream, what it would be like to live that Dream.  Remember how exited you felt, how positive you felt about your Dream coming true.
You must awaken your belief in your Dream again, and continue to pursue it.  It does not matter how much time has passed. Your Dream is still waiting for you to claim it.
Just reach back into your memory and remember when you first thought about your Dream, what you really desired and longed for, what you wanted your life to be like.
Everyone has something uniquely special about them. Everyone has a special gift. Life tends to beat you up and push you around as a result, some people have grown weary, too weary to fight back and have long forgotten about their Dream.
As a result in order to minimize and avoid any more turbulence and disappointment life winds could bring they have taken a quiet seat in the corner of life so that life’s winds will not disturb their comfort zone.
They just choose to exist in their corner of life because it is safe there, rather than continue in the jungle of uncertainty in journey to reach their Dream.
It is also evident by the words they use that  belief in their Dream was shattered. They use words of I can’t and It’s impossible to validate to themselves reasons for giving up.
The Question........
Will you let life’s destructive winds beat you up so bad that you abandon your Dream and retreat to a safe corner of life?
Or will you continue to fight for your Dream with the determination never to Give up.
You were meant to live the kind of life you love.
Go Claim Your Dream!!!

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