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Dec 29th 2015 at 10:59 PM

DISC generally categorized as a personality test. However, it is essentially a tool to ascertain elements like behaviour, mentality, etc. This tool gives us access to information about how a person thinks, what ways he is capable of behaving, how he communicates, etc. This is the most widely used tool as its results have been validated over a period of time.

Basically, it is used to gauge 4 distinct characteristics of an individual. These include:

•        Dominance: this type involves qualities like straight forwardness, task oriented, confidence, etc.
•    Influence: essentially includes people skills that have the potential to get tasks done. Traits like positive behaviour, fun- loving and charismatic are part of it.

•    Steadiness: reliable and resourceful. The go- to person in times of stress.

•    Conscientiousness: perfectionist, driven and intellectual.

How does it help?

It has the ability to gauge an individual’s reaction to different situations. The individual is asked to fill a questionnaire, based on the results of which their DISC profiles are formed. It is not a tool to judge a person’s personality but rather is used to increase the positives and decrease the negatives. It is used across different domains like work organizations, institutions of learning, mentoring, etc.

Why is it important?

It makes it easier to recruit the right employees. Encourages productivity at work. Reduces chances of conflict brought about by miscommunication. Promotes team work. Strengthens leadership skills. Paves a path for better communication.

The DISC assessment tool is not only fruitful for work settings but also has an immense impact and interpersonal skills. It provides a clear understanding of a person’s behaviour during different situations. This in turn helps to work on the strengths and weaknesses alike to encourage overall development across most spheres.
The four behavior traits- Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness are the essences of the DISC assessment. The reason being, that these traits are of utmost importance in all spheres of life; most importantly, a work place. Let’s get into detail of the four behavior traits of individuals.

Dominance: They can be described as straight forwardness, focused on their goals, and a sense of pride once the goal is achieved. They like to stay ahead of the race and are extremely well informed in their respective fields. They are extremely independent but may at times come across as too authoritative. A sense of awareness regarding this particular tendency is essential or it may not work well in their favor or that of others as well.

Influence: Likeable, charming, good energy, inspiring. They possess what is known as ‘people skills’. Their way with words helps them have a certain affect over people, which makes them highly convincing. They are extremely good at networking. More often than not, they are out of the box thinkers and have the ability to attract people with their ideas.

Steadiness: being calm is an extremely important quality in today’s fast paced world. Work places these days are bursting with crazy energy levels and t is important to stay composed at such times. People with such character types make for extremely hard workers and are extremely helpful as well. More often than not, this trait is underlined by empathy. They make for extremely good team workers.

Conscientiousness: intellectual, organized, extremely observant and goal oriented. They are known to be problem solvers due to their highly analytical mental ability. People skills may not necessarily be their thing as they like to work away from the spot light.

These traits are focused on as these are the characteristics most essential for growth of both the individual and the organization as well. Once an individual’s DISC profile is figured, a lot of insight can be gained about them. It can be used as a method to understand people with different personalities. Basically, it helps create awareness about oneself and an understanding of others.

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