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What I Learned From My Sister

Oct 29th 2015 at 1:59 AM

As Lord Eddard Stark once said of sisterhood: “You may be as different as the Sun and the Moon, but the same blood flows through both your hearts. You need her, as she needs you.”This pretty much sums up what it means to have a sister. You might have been the coolest kid in the school, while she was an outcast, she drove you insane with stealing your clothes, and her brutal honesty is killing you. At the same time, she is someone you can always fall back on, someone you look to for guidance, and someone who makes you feel important because she is always seeking your advice.

Here is why the relationship with your sibling is so special.

1. You've been through it all together

She has been around ever since you can remember. You laughed and cried together through every first date, every breakup, every triumph and failure in your life. Every story you tell involves her. From your childhood memories, over your teenage mischiefs, to adult years. Like that time when you two found a can of blue concrete paint in the garage and decided to dye each other’s hair, and your mom had to wash you with paint thinner, and then she made you drink gallons of milk to make sure you would not get poisoned; or when you asked her to give your Valentine’s card to Dave from history class, but she gave it to the wrong Dave.

2. She knows the real you, without pretence

She knows the weirdest and craziest versions of you, your darkest secrets, and the most embarrassing habits. She knows that you stole a lip balm from the store in the fifth grade. You do not need to tell her that you spent the whole weekend in your ex’s sweatshirt, shoving food down your throat, drinking tequila and rewatching your favourite romantic movie– she knows. But she loves you for who you are and would never try to change you or think of judging you.

3. You speak a common language no one else understands

You do not have to explain to your sister where you come from, what you have been through, and how peculiar your family is – she understands it all too well. She is your closest confidant and her advice is always exactly what you needed to hear. You grew up listening to the same music and watching the same movies. It is no wonder she finishes your sentences. Your inside jokes are the funniest. Your sister is the only person who can make you laugh so uncontrollably that it hurts.

4. She is like a part of you, even though you may be far away

Your relationship with your sister is telepathic. Even when you are only exchanging messages, she can immediately notice if something is wrong. If she is far away on your birthday, she will send you something, at least a prepaid gift card from a gift card store to let you know she is thinking about you. When something good happens to either one of you, the other one is so happy as if it happened to her. When someone messes with one of you, they are messing with both.

5. People come and go, but family is forever

Over the years, your relationship might become a game of hot and cold, but it is a lifelong love relationship. Even if you are not talking to each other, she will still be there for you in good times and bad, for better or for worse.


Are you blessed with a sister? Is your sister also your BFF?

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