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Want to Be More Creative? Try this Easy 10-minute Technique

Dec 31st 2015 at 4:55 PM

Who doesn't want to be more creative, right? But sometimes it seems like a mystery as to when and how you get your "Eureka" moments.

The best way to be more creative is to be more creative. Let me explain.

If you sit around waiting for ideas to come at you from out of the blue, good luck. While waiting is in itself not necessarily a bad thing, you've got to clear your energy first. Not in some woo-woo way, but in a very down to earth, realistic way anyone can do.

The biggest obstacle to being more creative, manifesting more creative ideas in your life is the worries and stress that come with everyday life. When those stresses and stressors clog up your brain synapses in the form of worry and anxiety, it is much harder for creative juices to flow freely.

The easy 10-minute technique to greater creativity is to empty your mind of worry through journaling.

Find a notebook that you like or create a special folder on your desktop or laptop. Make it password protected so that you can write there freely. Then, every day for ten minutes--that's all--just let it go. Dump it all on the page or on the screen. All the worries, all the stress, all the anger and frustration.

You've got to feel it to free it. And when you empty your mind of the sludge that stress manifests, your mind is freer to spark, charge, innovate, make connections, create good stuff.

Every day, in the morning, for ten minutes try this technique: yesterday I was.....and just write. Don't stop to edit or analyze, just get it all out.

The key is to do this everyday, and only for ten minutes. This is no pity party! -- no long, drawn-out rambling dissertations on the unfairness of this person or that situation. Purge and go.

If you do this consistently over a period of weeks, you will find your mind is much clearer. And a clear mind is a more creative mind.

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