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2 years ago

Understanding How your Subconscious Mind Works to Attract Things Needed to Create your Life

Dec 12th 2010 at 10:06 AM

When you understand how the sub-conscious mind operates, you are able to reprogram it so that it responds in a favorable way. We all know about the LOA and how our dominant thoughts and attitudes attract our life experience.


Your subconscious mindset and the LOA work hand in hand to build you experience, and when you take control of your habitual thinking you can manifest your life experience in any fashion that you choose. A positive attitude will bring about better results in business, wealth, and personal endeavors, as well as a more enjoyable experience.

This isn't a new notion, and smart ladies and men all throughout history have taught this straightforward yet extreme truth. And here is how it operates. There is an unending intelligence, a creative force in the universe. This isn't hard to see, you can look at all the miracles in nature and realize that something is responsible.

We will call it the Universal Mind, the source of everything. The really fantastic thing is that we are hooked up to this source, and our connection is our subconscious. The subconscious is our connection to the infinite creative power of the universe, but it's also a buffer for our thoughts.

we all have thousands of thoughts a day, and sometimes they never seem to stop. If every thought right away expressed itself, it'd be a pretty overwhelming situation. But it is not each thought that may become part of our life, but rather those what are thought frequently and habitually.

Thoughts that we think constantly are picked up by the subconscious, and after they have done hence they're going to be brought about by the most easy process available. It is for this reason that folks who are always talking about lack and misery attract it into their life, and people who talk of wealth and wealth attract that into their life.

The same goes with health. Individuals that are afraid of sickness and fret about it often are the ones who get the most of it. People who are not afraid of it, like doctors, get sick far less often.

The key to creating an ideal life for yourself is to fix on what it is that you want, what your ideal life would be, and then give that vision plenty of attention. The more thought and attention you give to it, the faster it'll be picked up by your subconscious, and the faster it'll become part of your life experience.

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