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Today is Christmas! A lesson on joy.

Jul 6th 2010 at 11:39 PM

Take a minute and reflect with me on the past. Recall the good old days when daylight approached with the sweet melody of the morning bird that never could escape your ears. The days when the early rays of the sun were so soothing I wished it to last forever.

Much happened in those sweet old days that made 24 hours such a short time to have fun. Today they seem such a short time to accomplish all the things that are shouting for my attention.

I remember the resounding giggles that came from our close knit family as we whiled the evening away around the fireplace daily which could pass for a ritualistic custom. Those were the days life was as beautiful as the butterflies we used to chase all day long.

Then came Christmas the best of them all.

On Christmas day, the birds sang differently. I was sure of this. They made a different melody special for this day. The sun rose a bit earlier and had a special glow. Butterflies danced in front of our house in circles. Our kittens were playing with a special stomp by the pathway. On this day the dog was not chasing them and was relaxing tummy on the ground at the lawn grinning with his chin resting on his crisscrossed front paws. This was beautiful.

I was just so glad that this wasn't school day and neither the day to follow.

A special meal was awaiting ahead. This was to include roast meat a favourite in our locality and not to forget all the other specialties. I would have already been dressed in the specially bought clothes for the day.

Once I had a hurt limb but it didn't pain me on this day or so I thought.

We ate from the same plate with my neighbour friend (of whom I had some scores to settle with, over a good fight, but this could wait for a day or two).

Later we had a photo session and my smile could pass for an award nomination.

All my brothers and sisters had to be at home, each with the best story I ever heard. This would push us on unending chatter which at times could be broken by a surprise exclamation "Hey guys! It's morning" (boxing day) and helter-skelter everyone would go to grab a nap.

Oh Christmas where art thou now?

Rejoice! Today is Christmas. Why? Christmas was a day like all the others. Nothing special was actually happening in the environment. The sun rose just as it did today. Do you remember that Christmas could fall on any day of the week? Why do you think the day changed? It all depended on your expectation. Your positively charged mind changed all around to be bright and good. Your mind shone a beautiful light on all life. You had your day as positively as expected. Today is no different. Put back your bright wide smile and go around whistling "Mary's boy child"and have the most beautiful day everyday hereafter.

Merry Christmas!

Anthony Samuel M.
Motivational speaker: Success skills/self development
Author: Success Marking Scheme (a guide to successfully achieving anything in life.)

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