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I believe in giving back. And best way for to give back in this industry is by helping other achieve their goals as I have been helped in achieving mine.
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There is no magic business out there just good marketers

Feb 6th 2011 at 1:42 PM

I frequently visit a certain business site where there are a lot of internet marketers making crazy claims about how magical their business is, how easy it is too build making right out lies about their opportunities. Today what they say about one business and the next month they are saying it about another business. I found that most of these businesses are free and attract dead beats.

I know that sounds harsh but it is the truth. There are no magic businesses out there. Any business that is growing it is because of the hard working reps that believe in the product or services and have sincere belief in helping people reach their full potential as marketers. This is where it starts.

Network Marketing isn't about selling products or services; it is about helping people to become better communicators who use the products and services and share it with others. Anyone who only talks about how easy it is to build the business because they have a system is lying. No business is easy to build because people are not easy to transform in to the type of people they need to be in order to relate to the public in such as way that says " I'm only here to help you" without actually having to say it.

How can someone tell me that they can help me make a lot of money if they don't know what my needs and wants are? I think that is where internet markters fall short. They don't konw the people who join their business and many times they don't communicate with them after they join. I'm not a real big fan of internet marketing programs that preach automation because they don't encourage human contact.

Today I got an email from someone who expressed interest in joining my business. She said that I could reach her via email. I was not confortable with this request because she never said she wanted to speak with me. That was an indicator that she is not interested in having geniune human contact with someone. So I responded with telling her that I rather speak with her over the phone before talking to her about my business. Her response will either qualify or disqualify as a potential partner in my business. Notice I did not call her a prospect.

You should be looking for business partners, board members, leaders for your business and not prospects. Prospect are people who you want to be your customers and you should be able to identify who is who with your initial contact. But if you are looking to build a solid organization of leaders and partners then you want to see if you are a good fit with each other and the only way to do that is by speaking with people. I'll talk about that in another article. Thanks for reading.


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Feb 6th 2011 at 2:03 PM by LindaFausset
A Happy Hello Jones, I think our industry is at a cross roads, the myth can not be perpetuated. Either we develop a much stricter code of ethics imposed on our self or be laughed over to the cartoon network and or be heavily regulated. Seriously, there is nothing out there that will make you rich with little effort. There is no magical formula on a cocktail napkin. It will cost you both time and money. period. But is it worthy goal? New believer's everyday

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