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There is a Difference Between Psychic Mediumship

Jul 15th 2010 at 10:28 PM

by May Knight

Medium of psychic reading and psychic reading - we often confuse the two. What does each mean? Medium of psychic reading is when a psychic is able to communicate and talk to those on the other side. Such people who have moved on to the next life are known as spirit guides. The medium of psychic reading involves using that special ability in a psychic to talk to the spirit guides. Psychic reading is simply where a psychic reads into the energies and sense around an individual and can predict their future based on that. The two have the same purpose of telling the future but they work in different ways.

The medium of psychic reading is where a psychic has the capacity to cross or cover the gap between people here on earth and their near and dear ones who have passed on. A lot of times we leave a lot of things unsaid to our loved ones and then regret it after they are gone. The medium of psychic reading helps us convey those messages or unsaid things to our loved ones on the other side through a psychic. This is a special talent that differentiates psychics on various levels of psychic abilities. To be able to communicate with the spirit fraternity and the mortals on earth is a rare and special talent that has helped a lot of people from leading traumatic lives.

We may not be aware of this, but each one of us has a spirit guide to guide us. These spirit guides show us the way and guide us on the right path. What a psychic's role here is that he or she by way of this medium of psychic reading enables us to communicate with our spirit guides. So people who wish to consult their spirit guides come to seek the help of psychics with that ability. Spirit guides are people who have moved on to the other side of life.

The medium of psychic reading fundamentally is used by those individuals who want a peek into what their future holds and guidance from their spirit guides or even to find out who their spirit guides are. The other use of this medium of psychic reading is when a message needs to be passed on to a loved one who is no more.

A psychic reading tells one about his or her future, past and the present. But what differentiates it from the medium of psychic reading is that in a psychic medium, one can talk to the spirits and gain insights and advice from them.

It always depends on the individual what advice they would like to adhere to and what they would like to discard. The medium of psychic reading is becoming an increasingly popular way of communicating and getting to know what one's future holds. Initially, it used to be a thing of taboo and a topic that was kept under carpets but now with the experiences that people have had with psychic readings, the medium of psychic reading is more accepted and practiced.


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Jan 1st 2011 at 10:47 PM by nelica
Hi lbozeman, very interesting article, it's good to know the difference. God Bless!

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