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The Water Therapy

Dec 1st 2010 at 2:06 PM

We all know that water can be a therapy but we just disregard it. This is to inform you that water is the best therapy than any other. And the good thing is, it is always available. If you can take 4-6 glasses each ( 1.5 liters ) everyday when you wake up ( with nothing on the stomach yet ), then you will not have constipation. I was always constipated before. But when I tried to do it, in just a day, my constipation was gone. That is why I keep doing it. Not because for my constipation prevention, but I sense something good is happening to my system. You will never believe this before you actually begin practising. I sensed most of the ailments I have been experiencing all over and over again were cured.

If you value your health as your wealth, then get back to the natural way of healing yourself. It is like taking a bath everyday to clean up yourself. Same need for the inside. Who knows, your ailments will get better and better each day and you can start saving for your medical bills. Try this out. This might be the greatest gift you give for yourself and share it to others after experiencing it.



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Sep 25th 2011 at 2:48 PM by LonnieG
Sometimes the simplest things that also make good sense are as beneficial as taking medicine! Thank you for sharing this information. ~LonnieG

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