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Aug 22nd 2010 at 3:43 AM

You have probably seen the classic original movie The Matrix. And if you recall, the hero Neo escaped from a totally artificial world - a world of unreality that was imposed via a form of mind-control, a 3D computer-generated hallucination.

However, upon breaking out from the Matrix he was to find himself exposed to an entirely different and disturbing reality - that the life he thought he was living was a pure fabrication. The so-called freedom he thought he enjoyed was an illusion.

The truth was in The Sovereign Matrix Free Downloadfact the complete opposite. As a plugged-in “participant” in the Matrix he realised he was a slave - nothing more than a source of energy for a totalitarian system of control by machines.

While The Matrix was pure science fiction, it did contain seeds of a hidden truth - that we are all products of a form of mind control, that we live in a world built on illusions and fabrications, and that we are in fact slaves of the system. And just like Neo, if we can “unplug” ourselves and look at this imposed reality from the outside we can see the true nature of it.

Mind you, it’s not easy!

The report you are now reading is designed to lift the veil and expose the true nature of the real matrix we call modern society. It also provides an escape hatch, a portal to a very different world - a world where you are no longer a slave but free. The world of the Sovereign Individual.

The word matrix is defined as: An environment in which something develops - a surrounding medium and structure. And that’s exactly what our current social reality is - an environment in which a certain set of ideas and structures has developed.

And once we understand the true nature of those ideas and structures we are in a much better position to evaluate them objectively - and to reject them if we so desire. But in order to remove ourselves, to step outside the influence of one “matrix” - one set of ideas and structures - we must first be exposed to an alternative set of ideas and structures, a very different sort of environmental matrix.

In this report I reveal the evidence for declaring the present social reality to be a Slave Matrix - a set of ideas and structures that are built on falsehood, fear and force. And I will also reveal the antidote and polar opposite, the Sovereign Matrix - a set of ideas and structures that are built on education, emancipation and escape.

If you have ever felt the weight of current “reality” pressing down on you, squeezing the life out of you - via taxation, debt, litigation, bureaucracy, bankruptcy, regulations, conscription, war, violence, crime, propaganda and more - then it’s time you stepped through the portal I reveal in this report and discover a completely new way of viewing the world - and living in it.

But before you can fully grasp the benefits of “escaping” via the Sovereign Matrix, you need to discover the true and dark nature of the Slave Matrix. For without understanding there is no true emancipation, and without that there is no escape.

Simply put, the Slave Matrix is all about control, while the Sovereign Matrix is all about freedom.

Fortunately, the ability to escape from “slave” status to that of a Sovereign Individual is more possible today than at any time in the world’s history. And in the pages that follow you are about to discover exactly why and how!

This is an extract of "The Sovereign Matrix" - to own your own copy simply click on the image below.

The Sovereign Matrix

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